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All About David

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All About David
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All About David

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  1. All About David Introducing Me! My Family My Pets Things I Like to Do My Favorite Books More

  2. Introducing Me! • My name is David and I like to play baseball. I have 3 pets some goldfish a dog and a cat. There names are Spike Smokey and Sparkles. I have a little brother his name is Bob He is cool. I also like to play basketball and soccer. My favorite hobby is riding my dirtbike and skateboard. That’s all about me.

  3. My Family • I have one brother, a mom, and dad. I have four grandmas and three grandpas. I have brown eyes and black hair. So do my mom, my dad, and brother have hazel eyes and brown hair. I like to eat pizza. My brother and I like to play N64 and PlayStation. That’s all about my family.

  4. My Pets • I have three pets - a dog, a cat, and a goldfish. Their names are Spike, Smokey, and Sparkles. My favorite pet is Spike. Because he knows a lot of tricks. My second favorite pet is my goldfish Sparkles because he is easy to take care of. My last favorite is • Smokey because she always scratches me.

  5. Things I Like to Do • I like to ride my dirt bike and bike. I love to play PlayStation and Nintendo 64. I like to read and I like • school. I like to watch T.V. And I like to help my mom. That’s what I like to do.

  6. My Favorite Books • My favorite books to read are Harry Potter books and mystery type books. I have read all four Harry Potter books. They are bestseller books. I like to read I Spy books too because it is a finding book. I like Where’s Waldo books. Those are the books I like to read.

  7. More About Me • One of my favorite places to go is Steven’s Pass because I get to go snowboarding and skiing. It is fun. I have a friend named Robin and his mom works there and sometimes I can get in free. I don’t fall as easy skiing. Snowboarding is harder and you fall more.