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World Literature

World Literature. Monday , October 31, 2011. Today’s Targets. Apply the concepts of the hero’s journey to classic mythology Analyze classic literature ( The Odyssey ) Identify themes in The Odyssey. Today’s Tasks. Warm-up Review background and parts of Book 1 we have covered so far

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World Literature

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  1. World Literature Monday, October 31, 2011

  2. Today’s Targets • Apply the concepts of the hero’s journey to classic mythology • Analyze classic literature (The Odyssey) • Identify themes in The Odyssey

  3. Today’s Tasks • Warm-up • Review background and parts of Book 1 we have covered so far • Read select sections from books 1-9 • NO HOMEWORK

  4. Warm-up-Background and Book 1 Review Questions • How long has Odysseus been gone from his home? • What took him away from his home in the first place? • What is he known for among the Greeks of his time? In other words, what did he do in the war that made him famous? • What is happening in his home during his absence?

  5. Book 1 Book 1 (read lines 1-52, 150-169, 193-210, 275-289) • What does this show us about the situation in Odysseus’s home in Ithaka? • What does Telemakhos’s actions show about the expectations of hospitality?

  6. Book 2 Book 2 (read lines 49-136) • What does this show about life for Penelope and Telemakhos in Odysseus’s absence? • What do Penelope’s tactics to stall the suitors show about her?

  7. Books 3 and 4 No reading sections • Telemakhosheads to Sparta to speak the King Menelaus and his wife Helen to see if they know anything about what has happened to Odysseus

  8. Book 5 Book 5 (read lines 125-233, 291-341) Odysseus is being held captive on the goddess Kalypso’s island. He spends the moping on the beach, longing to go home and the nights with the goddess. Athena pleads to Zeus to make Kalypso release Odysseus, so Hermes is sent to give her the command. She agrees, but Odysseus has to build a raft to get himself home. • How does Kalypso try to persuade Odysseus to stay? • How does she serve as a “threshold guardian?” • What does Poseidon do to Odysseus? • What part of the hero’s archetype does this section show? • What is Odysseus’s main goal in his quest?

  9. http://penelopeslonelyjourney.wordpress.com/2010/01/26/

  10. Books 6-7 Books 6-7 (read Book 7, lines 255-319) Odysseus is washed ashore an island and taken in by the king of the land. He doesn’t tell them who he is, but he does start to tell the story of how he ended up on their shore alone. • Why do you think he would not tell them who he is right away?

  11. Book 8 No reading • Odysseus, who looks old and tired from his journey across the ocean, is challenged by a young man to a discus throw. Odysseus shows up all the younger men and puts in a record throw. Later that night, a poet is telling the story of the Trojan war and the Trojan horse. Odysseus weeps when he hears the story but tries to hide his tears.

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  13. http://lifeofpixels.com/beagle-puppies-for-investigating-cases-and-people/http://lifeofpixels.com/beagle-puppies-for-investigating-cases-and-people/

  14. http://www.thatcutesite.com/double-trouble-corgi-puppies.htmlhttp://www.thatcutesite.com/double-trouble-corgi-puppies.html

  15. The story thus far Odysseus has been shipwrecked trying to get home. His current hosts, the Phaeacians, expect entertaining stories in exchange for hospitality. Odysseus begins to tell the story of his adventures… Meanwhile, inspired by Athena, his son Telemachus is out looking for him in Sparta.

  16. Chapter 9 – Lotus Eaters and Cyclops • As we read, take note of the following themes: • Use of guile and trickery as opposed to force • Rules of civilized behavior? What does it mean, to the Greeks, to be civilized? • Importance of hospitality • Value of home

  17. Book 9 Book 9 (read all) • What does the escape from the Cyclops show us about Odysseus? • What heroic traits does he show in this incident? • What major flaw in his character does he reveal, and what consequences does he suffer as a result of this flaw? As you consider read the rest of the epic, think about whether or not he overcomes this flaw.

  18. What is our monster? • Consider the Greek rules about civilized behavior? • How are these rules different than our own? • How are they the same?

  19. Create a Monster • With a group of 3 or fewer, design a monster to be our equivalent of a Cyclops. Consider the following: • What should the monster look like? • What does this monster do to make a living? • What types of behavior does this monster exhibit? One poster per group, but you each need your own 1-2 paragraph reflection How does this monster reflect a lack of civility?

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