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World Literature. Books 22-24. Today’s Learning Targets. Analysis of theme and cultural values (What does this book show us about the concept of justice, the rules of hospitality, and thoughts on revenge in ancient Greece?)

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World literature

World Literature

Books 22-24

Today s learning targets
Today’s Learning Targets

  • Analysis of theme and cultural values (What does this book show us about the concept of justice, the rules of hospitality, and thoughts on revenge in ancient Greece?)

  • Comparison of cultural values to present time (How do the ideas of justice and revenge compare with your current concept? Are Odysseus’s actions just?)

  • Make comparisons to current hero stories (How is Odysseus like the action heroes of today?)

Warm up

  • What is your concept of justice?

  • Are Odysseus’s actions in Book 22 just or are they too severe to be considered just? Why or why not? In explaining yourself, consider specific acts and explain how they are justified or not.

Today s agenda
Today’s Agenda

  • Warm-up

  • Finish Book 22 presentations

Reading task from book 22
Reading Task from Book 22

Line sections

Reading Assignment

  • 1-30

  • 30-97

  • 112-140

  • 166-220

  • 301-348

  • 371-430

  • 468 - end

  • Read your assigned lines

  • Who dies, gets hurt, or what happens?

  • Choose one specific line that tells us about the character of Odysseus. Cite the line. Verbal citation is fine.

  • You may act it out if you choose, have an artist in your group create a visual representation (keep them appropriate), or just summarize for us.

Review book 22
Review Book 22

Line sections

  • 1-30

  • 30-97

  • 112-140

  • 166-220

  • 301-348

  • 371-430

  • 468 - end

Discussion questions analysis
Discussion Questions-Analysis

  • Is Odysseus’s violence against the suitors justified? Why or why not?

  • How is it justified in the story by the writer?

  • Analysis of the hero’s journey (At what stage is Odysseus now?)

  • Analysis of cultural values (What does this book show us about the rules of hospitality and the concept of justice in Ancient Greece? How do those rules compare to your own?)

What does the odyssey show about the following themes
What does The Odyssey show about the following themes?

  • Leadership skills

  • Violence/revenge

  • Importance of home

Book 23 page 429 so he s home what happens now
Book 23-Page 429So he’s home. What happens now?

  • Lines 1-92: How does Penelope take the news of Odysseus’s return?

  • Lines 92-129: Do you think that Penelope believes this is Odysseus and is just making him wait, or do you think that she really isn’t sure? What is your evidence from the text?

  • Lines 130-170: Odysseus has the household clean up and throw a party to make it sound like a wedding feast so that the news of the massacre does not spread, because the families of the suitors would be after him.

  • Lines 186-245: Penelope tests Odysseus. What is her test? Is she really testing him or is she torturing him for being gone for 20 years? What makes you think this?

  • Lines 280-281: Odysseus tells her he has one more trial to accomplish at some point when he is old.

  • Rest of Book 23: They tell each other the stories of their time apart and . . ..

Book 24
Book 24

  • Ghosts of the suitors go to Hades

  • The next day after the killing of the suitors, Odysseus goes to see his father.

  • Families of the suitors show up looking for a fight

  • Athena comes and tells them to end the bloodshed. No more fighting. End of book.

Chart odysseus s hero s journey
Chart Odysseus’s Hero’s Journey

  • Review the list of key events from the Odyssey

  • Cut them out and put them in order

  • Glue them on to the graph of the hero’s journey in the appropriate place to show that you can identify the stages that Odysseus goes through in his journey.