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Email. ICS 100 D. Pai 2/5/07. What is Email?. Email is a simple, text-based communication medium that uses the Internet Email is a form of “Asynchronous” communication Asynchronous communication

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ICS 100

D. Pai


what is email
What is Email?
  • Email is a simple, text-based communication medium that uses the Internet
  • Email is a form of “Asynchronous” communication
  • Asynchronous communication
    • I can send to you and you need not be online to receive it. When you go online, it will be there waiting for you.
    • You can respond or not, whenever you want.
  • Synchronous communication
    • Both you and I have to be there to communicate
      • Telephone conversations
      • IM Chats
how does email work
How Does Email Work?
  • To send, your email client connects to the SMTP server at your domain ( using port 25.
  • You email client tells the SMTP server the address of the sender and the address of the recipient, as well as the body of the message.
  • The SMTP server takes the "to" address ( and breaks it into two parts:
    • The recipient name (jsmith)
    • The domain name (
  • Your SMTP server has a conversation with a Domain Name Server, or DNS. It says, "Can you give me the IP address of the SMTP server for" The DNS replies with the one or more IP addresses for the SMTP server(s) that Mindspring operates.
  • Your SMTP server connects with the SMTP server at Mindspring using port 25. It gives the message to the Mindspring server. The Mindspring server recognizes that the domain name for jsmith is at Mindspring, so it hands the message to Mindspring's POP3 server, which puts the message in jsmith's mailbox.

  • Email only sends “text” files…so how can I send documents, pictures, video, etc… through email?
  • Attachments get “encoded” for sending from binary into a text-equivalent using something called “uuencode”
  • At the receiving end, they get automatically “decoded” using “uudecode”
  • A typical encoded file looks like:

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client based vs web based

Email downloaded and stored on local computer

Can access email (stored) at anytime whether connected to the Internet or not

Can use multiple email accounts somewhat seamlessly since access all of your accounts at same time through a common interface

Not available if you don’t have your computer with you


Microsoft Outlook


Email stored on a Web Server

Can access email from any location where connected to the Internet via a Web browser

Can forward emails to a single account (sometimes) – otherwise have to open email for each account separately

Only available via the Web


HCC webmail

Client-Based vs. Web-Based
assignments 6 7
Assignments 6 & 7
  • Assignment 6: Email a simple message
    • Please write a brief text message that includes your name at the beginning and a brief description of your favorite pet, person or material good.
    • Email to:
    • Subject: ICS100, Assignment 6 – your name
  • Assignment 7: Email a message with an Attachment
    • Please email one of your previous Word Assignments (Any Assignment from Assignments 1-5) as an attachment.
    • Email to:
    • Subject: ICS100, Assignment 7 – your name
next time
Next Time…
  • We will begin to work with PowerPoint
  • PowerPoint assignments are posted