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  1. Email – An Important Element Of Mobile Marketing Strategy By:

  2. Inception • In present marketing scenario mobile has been emerging as the main factor for all kinds of promotional communication. All businesses need to realize the significance of mobile marketing and the role it can substantially play in making your brand popular among the customers. Whereas most of the organizations are still focusing on mobile SMS marketing and usual advertising, they have ignored the area of email marketing through mobile, which would help them in reaching various clients directly through mobile devices.

  3. Tips for mobile email marketing • Email is not only a successful marketing channel — it is also the simplest entry point into mobile, and does not take a lot of expertise. However, there is more to successful email marketing campaign than just sending a message to a mobile phone. • Here are a few essential factors which you should consider while making your mobile email marketing strategy: • Pertinence • Consider timing of your campaign • Email campaign testing • Have a responsive design

  4. Pertinence • Your emails must be pertinent or relevant to your audience. Generally this will be administered by their own contact choices when they signed up to your email list. Though, it is necessary that you divide your mailing list to make more targeted campaigns based on other additional data, such as buying history, discarded shopping carts and wish lists.

  5. Consider timing of your campaign • According to recent studies, users are more probable to open messages obtained on Fridays than on any other day. While others say midweek promotions can be successful, mostly during the early morning and evening converts easily.

  6. Email campaign testing • The frustrating fact about mobile email marketing is that it varies that means a thing which works for one brand's audience might not work for other brand. • Every email marketing campaign is a knowledgeable experience. Marketers or promoters will need to test what works well, what can be made better, and what must be dropped.

  7. Have a responsive design • Responsive design is a set of methods used to make an outline readable and accessible on any screen and any platform on which it is presented. Make use of fluid grids, graphics and media queries which permit messages to sense what type of mobile device is being used to show them, and change accordingly.

  8. Conclusion • Overall, if done properly, your mobile email marketing efforts are compelled to provide you with desired results and generate more profit in a few months' time.

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