olympic games project tales of the traveling torch n.
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Olympic Games Project (Tales of the Traveling Torch) PowerPoint Presentation
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Olympic Games Project (Tales of the Traveling Torch)

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Olympic Games Project (Tales of the Traveling Torch) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Olympic Games Project (Tales of the Traveling Torch). Ms. Poffinberger.

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Olympic Games Project (Tales of the Traveling Torch)

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    1. Olympic Games Project(Tales of the Traveling Torch) Ms. Poffinberger

    2. Throughout the next several days we will travel through history and analyze one of the most influential sporting events ever created. The Olympic Games began in Olympia, Greece in 776 BC where the only event to be held was a 200 yard dash known as a stadium race. The winner was presented with an olive wreath instead of a gold, silver or bronze medal like today’s games. The Olympic Games are held every four years alternating different host venues. The next Olympics will be held in London, England in 2012.

    3. Five Dimension of Wellness Challenge Physical Challenge Social Challenge Emotional Challenge Intellectual Challenge Spiritual Challenge

    4. Olympics…John Williams Anthology • Click on photograph of the 100th Olympic Games plaque from Atlanta, GA 1996 Olympics. • -Taken by Ms. Poffinberger • Navigate to the Olympics John Williams Anthology and listen to the soundboard. • Complete the sound recording worksheet.

    5. Emotional Challenge Music is a HUGE part of the Olympic games and can be utilized to create an atmosphere for the athletes and/or audiences during the games. Choose a song you listen to for an emotional boost or relaxation tool. Create a soundboard of your song and accompany the soundboard with an explanation as to why the song drives you emotionally. Save this on the Wiki under your space.

    6. Athlete, John Flanagan, New York University, hammer throwing, turning during windup, 1904 Olympic Games Source: Chicago Daily News, Inc A general view of Olympic Stadium in Athens, Greece, 2004. Source: www.IAAF.org (International Association of Athletics Federation)

    7. Intellectual Challenge Consider the two photographs you just observed on the previous page. Each photograph is very obviously from a different time period. Use the Venn Diagram link below to compare and contrast differences in the photographs. Venn Diagram Template After analyzing the photographs and completing the Venn Diagram answer the questions below. 1. What is the most notable difference between the photograph of John Flanagan and the Olympic stadium view during the Greece games? If you were a reporter during both of these time periods of the Olympic games how would your questions differ for each athlete? Why? The photograph from Athens, Greece clearly shows a much larger more detailed venue than the photograph from 1904. What advances as athletes and what technological/architectural advances make these differences possible?

    8. The five rings represent the five major regions of the world: Africa, the Americas, Asia, Europe, and Oceania. Every national flag in the world includes at least one of the five colors, which are (from left to right) blue, yellow, black, green, and red. 

    9. Use the SEA method (Scan, Examine, Analyze) to evaluate the political cartoon below. Source: Dominion, Cartoon by Eric Heath

    10. Social Challenge As you may have noticed from the previous two slides relationships (social health) plays an extremely large role in the Olympic games. With a partner create a list of 25 occurrences' during the Olympic games that bring/create relationships or social friendliness between countries, athlete’s, audiences and those at home watching the games. Example: During the opening ceremonies the athletes march in and are greeted by a stadium full of mixed ethnicities cheering for all the different countries. After creating the list write a letter to the International Olympic Committee (IOC) thanking them for bringing the world together as one when so much in this world today seems to tear countries apart.

    11. Watch ME! Click on the play arrow. Be sure to listen to the message! Source: USA Track and Field Public Service Announcement www.usatf.org

    12. Spiritual Challenge Public Service Announcement Questions: Who presents the PSA for the USA Track and Field Organization? List the 5 things she publically admits to losing because of her use of performance enhancing drugs. Of the things you listed, which would be most valuable to you as an individual and why? Goal setting is an extremely valuable tool and is directly related to your spiritual wellness. Describe a long-term goal you have for your future and things you can do to be sure you accomplish your goal. What types of poor decisions could affect you accomplishing the long-term goal from above? (i.e. –using performance enhancing drugs)

    13. The History of the Olympic Torch Source: The Olympic Museum Click on the torch above for a history lesson on the Olympic Torch and the meaning behind it. Your physical challenge will represent a traveling torch in lieu of an actual torch with fire (against school regulations ). A group of individuals must come together and use cardiovascular exercises (i.e.-biking, running, walking, rowing, etc) to move the torch across the United States. Before you begin your challenge and are aware of how many miles you must move create a list of local resources, people included who can help you accomplish this goal.

    14. Traveling Torch Challenge Ocean City, MD to Sacramento, CA 3,073 MILES Source: www.route50.com

    15. Physical Challenge Using the map in the previous slide you and your group will be challenged to exercise yourselves across North American via Route 50. Many of us have been to Ocean City, MD but are you up for the challenge of traveling to California? Your group will be provided a log and you must write down any cardiovascular exercise you complete in class or out of class for the remainder of the semester. The winning group will receive a prize and a photograph in front of the completed map coast to coast. Photo Sources: www.route50.com