“The Rapidly Progressing Mobile Apps World”
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The rapidly progressing mobile apps world

“The Rapidly Progressing Mobile Apps World”

Smart mobile devices are taking center stage in consumers’ lives, and in the process, they are beginning to supplant PCs and feature phones.

Apps are becoming more Complex, Handling Computing needs

traditionally Reserverd for PCs.

The Number of Mobile Devices is Forecasted to Surpass the World Population by the end of this Year.

The rapidly progressing mobile apps world


The rapid growth of mobile computing has led to surging

growth for the applications market in the past few years,

apps are at the core of the mobile experience.

Behind these trends are developers who are fastidiously working

to create highly innovative and even more complex apps to

meet consumer demand.

The rapidly progressing mobile apps world

“The App Boom”

By the end of 2012, Mobile Devices will outnumber traditional Computers 2 to 1.

Right now, Mobile users spend 81.5% of the time consuming

media using Apps, versus 18.5% using an Internet browser.

There are over 1.1 million apps available across the Apple, Abdroid, Blackbary and Windows Platform.

The rapidly progressing mobile apps world

“Different Apps”

GAMING: PC and console gamers are increasingly playing

games on Mobile Device.

PHOTOS & VIDEOS: Photo and Video Apps are the fastest

growing app categry across all Platforms.

BUSINESS: Tens of millions of workers will access business

and data Applications by 2017.

The rapidly progressing mobile apps world

“Innovative Apps”

Debug and Profile both the hardware and Operating system.

Increase graphics for high resolution displays like gaming

and 3D.

Debug and modify source code.

One of the best tools for this is a Community Development Board.

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