Does Skin Tone Matter when Developing a Daily Skincare Routine?
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Does Skin Tone Matter when Developing a Daily Skincare Routine? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Does skin tone matter when developing a daily skincare routine

Does Skin Tone Matter when Developing a Daily Skincare Routine?

When it comes to an efficient skincare routine – there is no one-size-fits-all

approach. Your skin is as unique as you and different factors can affect its

health and glow. Skin tone plays a key role in understanding why your skin

is the way it is and developing suitable, sustainable daily care. At Sonäge,

we emphasize the importance of natural products for skincare to ensure

your skin is getting all the nutrients it needs in the purest possible way –

cruelty-free and with the least environmental impact.

The Science Behind It

The three compounds that affect the tone and hue of skin are melanin,

hemoglobin and carotene. Melanin has the strongest influence on skin color

- a lower level of melanin produces a more pale yellow color and higher

production causes a darker skin tone. Hemoglobin carries oxygen to the

blood and creates a red flush to the skin, which is often more obvious on

Caucasian skin. A lack of oxygen leaves skin looking more pale blue or

greyish in color. Carotene is an orange/ yellow antioxidant that when

converted in the body becomes Vitamin A – promoting healthy skin and

good vision. People of Asian or American-Indian descent tend to have more

carotene present in their skin cells.

Skin Sensitivities

Ethnic origin can certainly play a part in skin sensitivity. For instance, Asian

skin generally reacts to spicy food and Caucasian skin may be visibly

affected by weather changes. However, it is not the only factor and must be

considered alongside age, medications, environment, allergies etc. Do not

assume darker skin is not also susceptible to burn or experience rosacea.

Skin Tones

To determine a natural face treatment based on your skin tone, general

rules are as follows:

Does skin tone matter when developing a daily skincare routine

Fair: Routine? Fair skin tends to age faster and so it is important to incorporate a

natural wrinkle cream into your routine early on to keep skin hydrated.

Natural products for skincare that contain Vitamin C are great for

brightening fair skin.

Medium: Medium skin tends to be oilier and susceptible to breakouts.

Natural face treatments for oily skin should focus on balancing and

purifying the skin. Using abrasive chemical products for breakouts are

short-term solutions that strip the skin and so it is always best to look for

natural skin care products for acne.

Dark: People with darker skin should take caution when using more

aggressive treatments as they are more likely to experience pigmentation

issues. It is important to always ensure skin is hydrated for skin cells to

repair and renew.

As mentioned, all skin tones are sensitive to sunlight and it is vital to

protect skin from harsh UV rays. It is best to incorporate an all natural face

sunscreen into your daily routine as chemical alternatives can clog pores

and can disrupt hormones.

So there you have it. Many factors should be considered when developing

an efficient natural face treatment, but it is always important to analyze

your skin tone to make an educated decision when purchasing natural

products for skin care.