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Technologies for Learning PowerPoint Presentation
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Technologies for Learning

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Technologies for Learning - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Palmetto Association of Independent Schools Symposium 2010. Technologies for Learning. Mary M. Silgals, MLIS April 19, 2010. My Disclaimer.

I am the owner, or an agent authorized to act on behalf of the owner, of the copyrighted work described.
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Technologies for Learning

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    1. Palmetto Association of Independent Schools Symposium 2010 Technologies for Learning Mary M. Silgals, MLIS April 19, 2010

    2. My Disclaimer I do not endorse any of these products over another similar product. Any product I might discuss or demonstrate today, either I purchased, is a loaner, is shareware, or was a free download. If I speak enthusiastically about a product, it’s because I have seen it work well with my students or in my curriculum!

    3. There are technologies available for specific learning problem areas There are tools to help students who struggle with: Listening Math Organization Memory Reading Writing

    4. What kind of tools are available? Abbreviation expanders Alternative keyboards Audio books and publications Electronic math worksheets Free-form database software Graphic organizers and outlining Information/data managers Optical character recognition Personal FM Listening Systems Portable word processors Proofreading programs Speech recognition programs Speech synthesizers/Screen Readers Talking Calculators Talking spell-checkers and electronic dictionaries Variable speed tape recorders Word prediction programs New Stuff almost everyday!

    5. The Plan: A day in the life of a student with memory, organizational, writing, and reading problems. First – Create a calendar Second – Reinforce its use

    6. “Everything in its Right Place”Radiohead Kid A, Kid A, Kid A, Kid AEverything, everything, everything, everything..In its right placeIn its right placeIn its right placeRight place iGoogle pageflakes

    7. Reminders • StickyNotes - • Basic notes free, upgrades available at subscription cost (forward notes, etc.)

    8. Bookmarks vs. My Favorites • Keeping urls in a central location Delicious

    9. Not your parent’s research methods! • Text Readers • Notetaking • Highlighting • Bibliography generators • Write-Out Loud software

    10. Discus: • Head for the databases….no need to Google…many extras • Bibliography, reader, mp3 converter

    11. – Free with application • Downloadable books which come with free text reading software – Don Johnson • Must apply with a reading based learning disability

    12. Adobe Reader 9.0 • Easy way to have text read to students. • Scan documents or • Convert documents • Let the Read Out Loud software read the pdf. • Free Download! •

    13. Intel Reader Reader Work Station

    14. E Readers Sony Reader Kindle eSlick B&N Nook iPad/iBook

    15. WebNotes • Free Register • Download toolbar • Allows you to highlight text on page • Allows you to create sticky notes on page • Allows you to create folder to save notes in • Allows you to share by email/permalink/twitter • Saves links and notes on webpage to reopen • Will tell you if any changes have been made since last accessed • PDF uploads for annotating

    16. Notetaking SpringPad - EverNotes - Look on your computer for any Office notetaking software program

    17. BibMe

    18. For the auditory learnersAudacity – Free Download • Free download/simple to use and edit • Can be used with Photostory or Movie Maker3

    19. Composition • Don Johnson – Solo Products • Write Out Loud • Read Out Loud • Draft Builder • Co-Writer Balabolka – Text to Speech

    20. Flash Card Machine Share address with your students Integration with iStudyToGo for studying cards on the iPod – Application $14.99-$19.99 Database of cards already created Can add photos to cards

    21. New Technologies:Whatever makes the workload lighter…. • URL on the back of my card •

    22. Need help? Contact information: Mary M. Silgals Trident Academy 843-884-7046 ext 25