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  1. EMERGING LEARNING TECHNOLOGIES Reference and Loan Library, 3/24/2009 Martha Farley Berninger and Abby Swanton

  2. The Reference Team at Reference and Loan • Martha Farley Berninger, Librarian Supervisor Reference and Interlibrary Loan 608-224-6168 • Allison Coshenet, Reference Librarian, AskAway PR lead, Reference/Virtual reference 608-224-5393 • Jeanne Otteson, Reference Librarian and portal support 608-224-6164 Reference and Loan Library, 3-24-09

  3. Some of the Reference and Loan Resource Sharing Team • David Sleasman, Librarian Supervisor, Resource Sharing Technology • Abby Swanton, Wisconsin Document Depository Librarian • Vickie Long provides schools and libraries support for WISCAT Software • Michele Martinsen assists schools, libraries and patrons with interlibrary loan • Pat Stutz assists schools, libraries and state agency employees with interlibrary loan Reference and Loan Library, 3-24-09

  4. What Reference Services do we offer to Schools? • The AskAway virtual reference service • Chat – available to ALL Wisconsin libraries including schools • Email – available to libraries that pay as full participants • Backup reference service to all Wisconsin residents • We respond to requests forwarded to us by resident’s public library systems and public libraries • Via phone, email, and mail • Development and management of proprietary research tools included in BadgerLink including: • Songbook database • Library directory Reference and Loan Library, 3-24-09

  5. Conducting Research for Library Patrons • Our reference librarians respond to research requests forwarded by public library systems and libraries, and school libraries. We can conduct some research for you, or train you on how to search yourself. • We search: • BadgerLink • the Internet • Our collection • WISCAT and OCLC/FirstSearch • “Fee-based” databases like DIALOG, WestLaw, and LexisNexis • We search fee based databases on your behalf, but we cannot offer direct access Reference and Loan Library, 3-24-09

  6. The AskAway Virtual Reference Service • 24/7 chat and email reference service • We began a trial of AskAway in select Wisconsin schools last August – details to come… • Many schools have posted the chat link to AskAway outside of the trial, and if yours is one of them we’d like to work more closely with you to ensure success Reference and Loan Library, 3-24-09

  7. What is AskAway? • 24/7 chat and email reference service available through public library websites, the DPI websiteand some school websites • A handful of Wisconsin libraries have implemented an IM interface, but it’s not widespread • Any Wisconsin resident (including you, your students, your colleagues and your family members) can login to the chat service • Email questions are handled by the library you use to submit your question • Chat staffing is handled by librarians in participating libraries around the country and in the U.K. • The AskAway service is offered by OCLC as “QuestionPoint” Reference and Loan Library, 3-24-09

  8. What Does AskAway Provide? • Patrons are given help locating and using resources made available by their school library, their local public library, BadgerLink, and on the web • Patrons needing additional help can be referred to their home library (public or school) from within the software, if the library has its own AskAway page and staffing • QuestionPoint policies specify that students logging in to the service should be directed to the resources of their school and/or public library and offered assistance selecting and using resources • The intent of the service is to instill information literacy skills, not to provide “instant answers” • Does that always happen? Unfortunately no. Reference and Loan Library, 3-24-09

  9. How Does it Work? • Patrons login and librarians staffing chat pick up their questions to begin a session • Librarians conduct reference interviews with patrons and begin by checking the policy page for the patron’s library to verify the sources available to that patron and check for chat librarian login information • Librarians may co-browse with patrons, which allows either party to move to different websites together • Co-browse functionality has some issues, so it’s used by all librarians • When not co-browsing, chat librarians will push links to pages to the patron Reference and Loan Library, 3-24-09

  10. Our AskAway Launch Page

  11. AskAway Chat Interface

  12. Our AskAway Policy Page

  13. Cobrowsing

  14. What Happens Next? • Librarians ask clarifying questions during the chat to verify that patrons are finding the information they need • When the patron confirms that they’ve received enough information to proceed with their research on their own the librarian may end the chat, or wait for the patron to logoff • After the session ends the librarian codes the outcome, and if the patron needs more information the chat librarian can send the chat transcript to the patron’s library for follow-up (but only if the patron verifies their email address during the chat) • Libraries generally follow-up the next day. • Chat libraries review transcripts regularly to report any concerns about the quality of service provided to their patrons Reference and Loan Library, 3-24-09

  15. Levels of Participation in AskAway • ANY school can refer their students to the AskAway link on the Reference and Loan website, or your local public library’s website • This option requires the least investment of time and energy • But even if this is all you do, we’d like to provide you some training materials so your students know what to expect from the service Reference and Loan Library, 3-24-09

  16. Joining the Expanded AskAway Trial • Your school can join the expanded AskAway trial by posting a link into the Reference and Loan launch page • Your students would have easy access to the service from your website • Reference and Loan will provide training for you and your library media specialist • Support materials, including customizable tip sheets and flyers are provided • Your staff would not have direct access to transcripts, statistics, or the ability to logon to chat as a librarian or administrator • Reference and Loan can provide you with basic statistics and sample transcripts on a periodic basis Reference and Loan Library, 3-24-09

  17. A Word of Caution • PLEASE DO NOT post a link into AskAway using the link hosted by the Reference and Loan or your local public library without consulting that library or us • Patrons logging in are identified as patron’s of the library whose launch page they’ve used to login • Posting a link into another library’s launch page makes that library responsible for follow up with your students • The national QuestionPoint consortium monitors the percentage of questions answered by librarians within a patron’s state vs. out of state • The statewide consortium needs to know when new libraries are posting links so we can address the staffing ramifications Reference and Loan Library, 3-24-09

  18. Additional Option to Participate in AskAway • Reference and Loan will be working with the DPI Instructional Media and Technology team to explore more ways to support AskAway in schools • Stay tuned for details • Schools CAN subscribe directly to AskAway, which would provide students access to the chat and email service, and give staff direct access to student transcripts, usage statistics, and the ability to staff chat • For more information please contact : • Martha Berninger at 608-224-6168 • Mark Beatty at WiLS at 608 265-5719 Reference and Loan Library, 3-24-09

  19. Results of the School Trial to Date • Last May five schools were selected to participate, four were able to proceed - other schools expressed interest, but were unable to participate due to a variety of factors • Participating schools were: • George Nelson Tremper in Kenosha • South Division High School in Milwaukee • Mosinee School District • Homestead High School in Mequon • Milwaukee Public Library is supporting South Division • Reference & Loan is supporting the other schools • Usage during the trial period has grown gradually over time, but fluctuates according to class workload and academic schedule Reference and Loan Library, 3-24-09

  20. AskAway on Tremper High School Library Website

  21. AskAway on Homestead High School Library Website

  22. School Trial Statistics

  23. What Have we Learned? • Reviews of the trial held with Reference and Loan, participating libraries and Milwaukee Public Library reveal that: • It’s important to present training to students both in the library and the classroom – training drives student use of the service • Repeat presentations may be necessary to build student’s confidence in the service, and to develop constructive, appropriate use of the service • Training fellow teachers and school staff also builds use of the service and understanding of its value • Use by school faculty and staff builds more slowly Reference and Loan Library, 3-24-09

  24. What can Your School do? • We welcome all schools to participate in AskAway at the level appropriate to your situation • Direct your students to the AskAway link on the Reference & Loan website, or your local public library • Participate in the expanded trial program • Explore additional program support options as they are identified by DPI • Become a paying participant Reference and Loan Library, 3-24-09

  25. Please Call with any Questions! About AskAway About reference services About interlibrary loan Martha Berninger, 608-224-6168 Reference and Loan Library, 3-24-09

  26. Wisconsin Digital Archives Providing Access to Wisconsin State Government Information By Abby Swanton, Librarian Dept. of Public Instruction, Reference and Loan Library WEMTA, March 24, 2009

  27. Wisconsin Document Depository Program shall collect and distribute a wide range of state government publications and information to depository libraries [r]egardless of format or process by which produced and regardless of the source of funds provided to the publisher in order to preserve and make available a record of major state government programs for future use Defined by Sections 35.81- 35.84 of the Wisconsin Statutes, as amended by 1991 Wisconsin Act 285 Reference and Loan Library, 3-24-09

  28. What is a State Document? • Wisconsin statutes 35.81(3) • “State document" includes every publication produced by a state agency in multiple copies or prepared for a state agency in multiple copies … that is supported wholly or partly by any funds appropriated by this state, regardless of the format or process by which produced … which is intended by the publisher to be disseminated or made accessible to the public or is required by law to be published…” Reference and Loan Library, 3-24-09

  29. Shift in Access to State Gov’t Info • Web publishing means fewer publications printed • Publications are born digital and only exist online • Some state agencies claim to be completely electronic • Printing on a more limited basis creating decrease in access • Quality of print has significantly diminished • More state government information available through state agency websites than ever before Reference and Loan Library, 3-24-09

  30. Introducing the Wisconsin Digital Archives • Creates a system to fulfill statutory obligation to participate in the Wisconsin Document Depository Program with electronic formats • Provides authoritative permanent electronic access to electronic documents and web content accessed from Wisconsin state agency websites. Reference and Loan Library, 3-24-09

  31. Collaboration is Key to Success Managed by the Wisconsin Reference and Loan Library Library Collaborators: • Wisconsin Legislative Reference Bureau • Wisconsin Dept. of Transportation • Wisconsin Historical Society (Library-Archives) • UW-Madison • Wisconsin State Law Library Reference and Loan Library, 3-24-09

  32. Everyone Benefits! • Provides all libraries, regardless of depository status, the opportunity to provide greater access to state government documents in electronic formats • Provides unlimited users 24/7 convenient access to electronic state government documents Reference and Loan Library, 3-24-09

  33. How does it Work? • Use Web Harvesting Tools • Creation of persistent digital archives URLs to electronic documents and web content • URLs are cataloged in WorldCat (WIDAG) • Distribution lists of fully cataloged digital archives are created and posted online • Libraries download catalog records into local OPACs for access from WorldCat or WISCAT Reference and Loan Library, 3-24-09

  34. Primary Mode of Access in OPACs • All records in WorldCat, WISCAT, MadCat, LRBCat, FirstSearch • Libraries can download catalog records into local OPACs for access from WorldCat or WISCAT • Provides search benefits and convenient access to state agency information in a controlled environment • State agency publications co-exist regardless of format providing full historical range of state agency publications • Provide 24/7access and convenience to users • Expand audience served beyond designated depository libraries Reference and Loan Library, 3-24-09

  35. Broad Range of Topics Current hot topics Global warming CWD Organic Farming DPI reports and initiatives Statistics Health Employment/Unemployment Crime Governor’s Task Forces and Final Reports Reference and Loan Library, 3-24-09

  36. What are we not Digitally Archiving? • Not collecting items that might be considered public records • Databases • Not digitally archiving content that is not meant for public consumption • Nothing from Intranet sites • Not digitizing content • Content is not being scanned from tangible formats, it already exists in electronic format online • Not archiving entire websites • We Are Not the Way Back Machine Reference and Loan Library, 3-24-09

  37. Digital Archives Shipping Lists • Provide monthly lists of fully cataloged digital archives records to libraries (since Oct. 2005)

  38. RSS Feed for new Digital Archives Records Available in WISCAT Search “Wis. digital depository item” using “All Headings” Reference and Loan Library, 3-24-09

  39. Reference and Loan Library, 3-24-09

  40. Reference and Loan Library, 3-24-09

  41. Reference and Loan Library, 3-24-09

  42. For More Information Visit our website: Contact us: Abby Swanton, (608) 224-6174 Wisconsin Document Depository Librarian Wisconsin Dept. of Public Instruction Reference and Loan Library Reference and Loan Library, 3-24-09