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The Terry Thomas

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The Terry Thomas. Sustainable and Ecological Architecure By: William Wenik. General Information. Seattle, Washington. Commercial/Office building. New Construction. Former light industrial complex, changed into an office 97% of materials were reused. Dates. Finished in April 2008

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the terry thomas

The Terry Thomas

Sustainable and Ecological Architecure

By: William Wenik

new construction
New Construction
  • Former light industrial complex, changed into an office
  • 97% of materials were reused
  • Finished in April 2008
  • Won AIA top ten award in 2009
  • Designed by Scott Thompson, Weber Thompson, and Peter Greaves
green materials
Green Materials
  • Steel beams for low cost, and allows light and air to circulate
  • Prioritize materials with recycled content
  • Acoustical panels double as light reflectors
  • Ranked as LEED certified platinum
cost effective materials
Cost effective Materials
  • Concrete slab polished and used as floor
  • 94% of materials from old building salvaged and reused in the Terry Thomas
  • The primary structural system and building skin are constructed of steel for durability, recyclability and reusability.

open floor plan to allow exterior daylighting to penetrate the interior

  • high-low openings to remove unwanted heat by stack ventilation
  • Occupancy sensors, dimming switches, and photoelectric daylight sensors
  • high-low openings to remove unwanted heat by stack ventilation

lighting control systems, automated dampers, exterior blinds, and radiator temperature

  • daylighting, natural ventilation, and passive solar heating
  • No HVAC, uses passive cooling
  • Low VOC paints
  • east and west elevations have some glazing and punched windows with fixed glass and steel sunshades to reduce amount of solar heat it absorbs.
site ecology1
Site Ecology
  • Built in area with parks, light industrial buildings, offices, and multi-family residences
  • Built next to a streetcar line
  • On site showers encourage biking and jogging to work
  • Design development with pedestrians in mind

Employees receive free passes to use public transportation

  • Land for building ideal for passive cooling and use of solar energy
  • Employees can plant small gardens
  • Plant trees and bushes along streets, bushes and vines in courtyard

Avergae water use: 156,960 gallons

  • Avergae similar sized building water use:337,326 gallons
  • 53.5% more efficient water use
  • No HVAC system and better graywater systems help conserve water
cost implication
Cost Implication
  • Energy consumption cut by more than 30%,
  • water by 53.5%,
  • low cost materials, and few materials used, materials serve dual purpose=less materials needed=$$$
  • Energy consumption 51% less than average american workspace
  • Used 46.38 kbtu per square foot, avergae workspace uses 79.8 per year