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CUAHSI Web Services and Hydrologic Information Systems PowerPoint Presentation
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CUAHSI Web Services and Hydrologic Information Systems

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CUAHSI Web Services and Hydrologic Information Systems - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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CUAHSI Web Services and Hydrologic Information Systems. By David R. Maidment, University of Texas at Austin

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cuahsi web services and hydrologic information systems

CUAHSI Web Services and Hydrologic Information Systems

By David R. Maidment, University of Texas at Austin

Collaborators: Ilya Zaslavsky and Reza Wahadj, San Diego Supercomputer Center, Tim Whiteaker, Venkatesh Merwade, UT Austin, Steve Ansari, NCDC, Ken Lanfear and Mark Hamill, USGS, Jonathan Goodall, Duke University

WSTB Committee on Integrated Observations

for Hydrologic and Related Sciences, Dec 1, 2005

his goals
HIS Goals
  • Hydrologic Data Access System – better access to a large volume of high quality hydrologic data
  • Support for Observatories – synthesizing hydrologic data for a region
  • Advancement of Hydrologic Science – data modeling and advanced analysis
  • Hydrologic Education – better data in the classroom, basin-focused teaching
cuahsi hydrologic data access system hdas
CUAHSI Hydrologic Data Access System(HDAS)






Observatory Data

A common data window for accessing, viewing and downloading hydrologic information

nwis station information in hdas
NWIS Station Information in HDAS

observation site files
Observation Site Files

Ameriflux Towers

Automated Surface Observing System

Climate Reference Network

USGS NWIS Stations

observation site map for us
Observation Site Map for US



Climate Research Network


+ others…….

neuse basin with all points
Neuse Basin with all points

NWIS Streamflow and Water Quality



NWIS Groundwater


filtered site map
Filtered Site Map

NWIS Streamflow and Water Quality





Ameriflux site map

Building each web service

requires a site map and

a web services library

Ameriflux towers measure vertical fluxes

of water, heat, CO2

Web services library









CUAHSI Web Services


Visual Basic







Some operational services

direct and indirect web services
Direct and Indirect Web Services
  • Direct web service
    • The data agency provides direct querying ability into its archives through SOAP or OpenDAP (NCDC)
  • Indirect web service
    • CUAHSI constructs a “web page mimic” service, housed at SDSC, that programmatically mimics the manual use of an agency’s web pages (USGS, Ameriflux)
hydroobjects library
HydroObjects Library
  • CUAHSI has developed a HydroObjects Library with web service wrappers that know where to access each web service and how to interpret its output

User Application

(Excel, ArcGIS, …..)

HydroObjects Library

with web service wrappers

for NWIS, Ameriflux, NCDC, …

Direct or Indirect

web services

Web data

cuahsi web services library for nwis
CUAHSI Web Services Library for NWIS

These web services are available now for you to use in your programming

transfer of research results
Transfer of research results
  • CUAHSI web services for NWIS were announced at a cyberseminar on Friday Oct 28
  • On Wednesday Nov 2, Jason Love, from a private firm, RESPEC, in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, posted on the EPA Basins list server:“Occasionally one comes across something that is worth sharing; the CUAHSI Hydrologic Information Systems - Web Services Library for NWIS is a valuable tool for those of us interested in rapidly acquiring and processing data from the USGS, e.g., calibrating models and performing watershed assessments.”
  • He provided a tutorial on how to use the services from Matlab (which CUAHSI had not developed)
  • Technology transfer took less than 1 week!
standards are the key
Standards are the Key
  • standards …
    • Industry standards already exists:
      • SOAP = Simple Object Access Protocol
      • WSDL = Web Service Definition Language
    • Hydrologic community must add their own to the mix:
      • HTSS = Hydrologic Time Series Service
      • HML = Hydrologic Markup Language
  • software development …
    • If we adopt SOAP and WSDL standards, we can utilize industry support
    • Hydrology standards will increase interoperability and code reuse
cuahsi web services
CUAHSI Web Services

Web application: Data Portal

  • Your application
  • Excel, ArcGIS, Matlab
  • Fortran, C/C++, Visual Basic
  • Hydrologic model
  • …………….
  • Your operating system
  • Windows, Unix, Linux, Mac


Simple Object Access Protocol

Web Services


impact of web services
Impact of Web Services
  • CUAHSI web data services are significantly simplifying user access to federal water observation data
  • This will increase appreciation of the collective information content of these data
  • Next step is to set the data in context of their environment – Digital Watershed
  • Web services mayturn out to be as important or evensupersede web pagesas a data delivery mechanism