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“Clean-up” Crime Prevention PowerPoint Presentation
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“Clean-up” Crime Prevention

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“Clean-up” Crime Prevention

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“Clean-up” Crime Prevention

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  1. “Clean-up”Crime Prevention Donta Bennie Expo

  2. Introduction • Have you or any of your family members been a victim of assault or even murder? If so who’s to say it cannot happen to your kids or youth loved ones ( Which ever may apply ). My program “Clean-up” is a plan I have come up with to decrease the amount of youth injuries and fatalities due to Bad altercations and so called “Beef”.

  3. Research Ceasefire • Ceasefire took multiple years to actually become a program • The main goal of ceasefire is to decrease the amount of shootings in residential areas • Researchers have found that usually it is only a handful of young men that cause most of the cities violence

  4. Crime stoppers • Crime stoppers not only tries to stop crime but also tries to solve murder cases and other cases • Crime Stoppers as an effective crime-solving organization in Greater Cincinnati-Northern Kentucky-Southeastern Indiana  • Crime stoppers is made up mostly of volunteering civilians like yourself • Crime stoppers is a partnership between the community • Crime stoppers is not law enforced in anyway it is for the people by the people

  5. Measure Y • “Measure Y” provides the city with almost 20 million dollars annually for the next 10 years (Collected through parcel tax and parking fees)  • “Measure Y” has a program that provides youth comprehension services and family and domestic violence prevention  • “Measure Y” calls for more police offices and special victims units  • After “Measure Y” was introduced There still was an increase in crime but it started to take action in 2006 • “Measure Y” combine federal and state money to start these programs

  6. Collaboration • I collaborated with James K. Manson of the San Diego police department I briefly told him about my plan and his word were “I like and appreciate what you want to do for the youth you have a great foundation but build build build” • Mr.Manson told me that his department is also working on plans and programs to keep the youth of California out of trouble and that he would email me about some of his plans

  7. Plan • My plan is to help kids who are troubled. I want to mentor them and keep them from getting in trouble again by monitoring their School life and out of school like and making sure that they stay on track. I will have parole officers go back and check up on them using Interceptors or undercover cop cars. I will use the mentors to meet with them 2 times a week. The first thing we will do is meet with the school to make sure everything is ok. This program is based on Ceasefire. It would add to Ceasefire because ceasefire does not actually individually target each youth client like my program will. I will have 10 employees.

  8. Plan 2 • I will need a office space that I may rent out so that troubled youth will be able to come over to the building at anytime. I also will need officers who are willing to volunteer some of their free time to come out and help the youth • I will need transportation once a month for activities that the youth will be involved in • There will be meetings, one on one’s and seminar just about every week so that the kids may come together and relate to each other • This plan will take ~1 year to actually make a difference and show a significant decrease in crime and even trouble in school. The plan will cost about 60,000 dollars annualy which will come from state grants and funding from the government .

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