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Teaching Terrorism

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Teaching Terrorism - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Teaching Terrorism. CJEANYS 19 October 2006. CTC Education on Terrorism and Homeland Security. Courses Terrorism & Counterterrorism Advanced Terrorism Studies Homeland Security Seminar Intelligence and Terrorism Information Warfare

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Teaching Terrorism


19 October 2006


CTC Education on Terrorism and Homeland Security


  • Terrorism & Counterterrorism
  • Advanced Terrorism Studies
  • Homeland Security Seminar
  • Intelligence and Terrorism
  • Information Warfare
  • Forthcoming, Fall 2007:Terrorism and Weapons of Mass Destruction
  • Minor in Terrorism Studies
  • JTTF Seminars
  • FBI Academic CT Curriculum

CTC Education on Terrorism and Homeland Security

Central Course Topics

  • Visions & Enabling Environments
  • Critical, strategic thinking about threats and response

Core Course Lessons

  • Definitions and History of Terrorism
  • Understanding Contemporary, Networked Terror Organizations
  • Ideologies and Strategies: Religious and Non-Religious
  • Means and Methods (Crime, Finance, Internet, Suicide Bombings, etc.)
  • U.S. and Al Qaeda Pre-9/11 and Post-9/11
  • Organizing to Fight Terrorism (Strategy, Legal Issues, etc.)
  • Future of Terrorism (Potential for Weapons of Mass Destruction, etc.)

CTC Seminars for Joint Terrorism Task Forces

Day 1

  • Islam and the Evolution of Militant Islamic Ideologies
  • Beginnings of Sunni Extremism
  • Global Terrorism and the rise of Al-Qaeda
  • Al Qaeda, From 9/11 to Now

Day 2

  • Virtual Caliphate: Jihadi use of the Internet
  • Hizballah
  • Hamas
  • Iraq and Bleed out from the Levant 
  • North African Terror Organizations
  • How do you win? Building a framework for investigation

Day 3

  • Terror Financing
  • Security and Control: The weaknesses of AQ
  • Tools for investigators/Survey

New FBI Academy Curriculum: 60 hours of CT instruction, with case studies of terrorism and CT, WMD issues, interagency cooperation emphasis, etc.


Root Causes, Facilitators and Underlying Conditions of Terrorism

  • Goal: Brief overview of the spectrum of topics addressed in the academic literature on root causes, facilitators and underlying conditions of terrorism
  • Underlying Conditions: Local
  • Underlying Conditions: Global
  • Facilitating Ideologies of Violence
  • Summary
  • What to Do?
underlying conditions local
Underlying Conditions: Local
  • Could includepolitical, economic and social conditions, before terrorism
    • Unemployment
    • Socio-demographic pressures
    • Authoritarian/repressive regimes
    • Ethnic fissures (Tamils, Chechens)
  • Chaos & capacity
    • Weak/failing states
  • These conditions exist in numerous places without history of terrorism
    • Think globally, act locally?(e.g., London, Madrid)



underlying conditions global
Underlying Conditions: Global
  • Could include global animosities
    • e.g., Sunni vs. Shia
  • Could foreign policies
    • U.S. relations with Israel, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iran
    • Democracy mandate?
    • Perceptions (bias/hypocrisy)
    • State-sponsored terror
  • Energy dependence facilitates funding streams for violent groups as well as vulnerabilities for industrialized nations


Power to enact change

other global conditions facilitators
Other Global Conditions & Facilitators
  • Global weapons proliferation (especially in weak/failing states)
  • Technology
    • Communication and transportation shrinks time and space; enable networked forms of terrorism (including fundraising aspects)
    • Weapons: invention of dynamite helped launch capabilities
  • Global criminal networks
    • Profit motive
    • Money laundering
    • Trafficking in drugs, humans, explosives, other ‘bad stuff’
  • Ideologiesfuel both local and global perceptions of injustices and need for action/retribution
facilitating ideologies of violence
Facilitating Ideologies of Violence
  • Nationalist (e.g., Anti-colonial groups)
  • Left-wing (e.g., radical Communists revolutionaries)
  • Right Wing (often target race and ethnicity)
  • Anarchist
  • Religious(e.g., militias, jihadists, etc.- “attack on Islam”)
  • Others (e.g., apocalyptic, charismatic cults, philosophies of “Man is evil” - Hobbes, et al.)
  • Overall: These all reflect the importance of perceptions, emotions, strategic influence, information warfare; The Vision Thing
  • Economic opportunities (lack thereof)
  • Political conditions (distribution of power)
  • Chaos & capacity (weak/failing states)
  • Think global, act local?
  • Global animosities
  • Foreign policies (incl. state sponsorship)
  • Energy dependence
  • Weapons proliferation
  • Technology
  • Criminal Networks
  • Ideologies for Action (Retribution?)
  • Other grievances . . .
what to do
What to do?
  • Economic and political dimensions
    • Create economic & political opportunities to meet aspirations
    • Consider foreign policy dimensions (state sponsorship, bias)
  • Chaos & capacity
    • Law enforcement, border security; containment
  • Weapons proliferation & criminal networks
    • Pressure states and private companies to prevent
  • Energy dependence
    • Alternatives to fossil fuels
  • The battleground of ideologies is particularly important for attacking the motivation and morale of terrorists in Iraq
    • Exploit ideological vulnerabilities


“You have to be lucky everyday – We only have to be lucky once” - IRA Bomber