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What is this statue called?

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What is this statue called? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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What is this statue called?. a). The Empire Statue . b ). The Statue of Liberty. c ). The Liberty of Statue. d ). The Eiffel Tower. In what country was this statue created?. a). United States. b ). England. c ). France. d ). Germany.

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What is this statue called?

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    Presentation Transcript
    1. What is this statue called? a) The Empire Statue b) The Statue of Liberty c) The Liberty of Statue d) The Eiffel Tower

    2. In what country was this statue created? a) United States b) England c) France d) Germany

    3. In what year did this statue celebrate its 100th birthday? a) 1995 b) 1976 c) 1988 d) 1986

    4. Who was the chief architect of this structure? a) Frederic-Auguste Bartholdi b) Jean-Luc Picard c) Jacques-Lemieux Cousteau d) Guy-Francois Charbonneau

    5. Who is this man? a) Stephen Hawking b) Lester B. Pearson c) Marshall McLuhan d) Neil Armstrong

    6. What disease does he suffer from? a) Tourette’s syndrome b) Cerebral palsy c) Lou Gehrig’s disease d) Muscular dystrophy

    7. Which of the following works did this man write? a) Space: The Final Frontier b) The laws of interplanetary laws c) The Existence of God d) A Brief History of Time

    8. At which university did this man work for thirty years? a) Cambridge b) Yale c) Harvard d) MIT

    9. In which Canadian city would I find this building? a) Ottawa b) Toronto c) Hull d) Montreal

    10. What is the name of this building? a) Parliament Center b) Center block c) Federal building d) Square One

    11. On which three Canadian monetary bills can this building be seen? a) $5,$10,$20 b) $5,$10,$50 c) $10,$20,$50 d) $20,$50,$100

    12. In what year was the first version of this building burned and destroyed in a fire? a) 1916 b) 1909 c) 1792 d) 2004

    13. X + 7 = 2X - 2 Solve for X a) No possible answer b) 2 c) 5 d) 9

    14. V What does the symbol V stand for on the periodic table? a) Vanadium b) Copper c) Sodium d) Gold

    15. This is the flag of what country? a) Mexico b) Morocco c) Spain d) England

    16. What is the capital city of this country? a) Vienna b) Madrid c) Florence d) Rome

    17. This country has a: a) Theocracy b) President c) King d) Vice Lord

    18. In what year did this country fight the United States in a war? a) 1821 b) 1924 c) 1949 d) 1898

    19. Who was this man? a) Brian Mulroney b) Joe Clark c) Jean Chretien d) Pierre Elliot Trudeau

    20. In what year did he die? a) 2000 b) 2004 c) 1987 d) 1996

    21. Which federal policy was he primarily responsible for? a) NAACP b) NORAD c) NEP d) NDP

    22. To which federal party was this man a member? a) Liberal b) Democratic c) NDP d) Progressive Conservative

    23. The ability to perform work What does this sentence define? a) force b) speed c) energy d) matter

    24. I am an atmospheric occurrence that can travel at 130,000 m.p.h.. What am I? a) A vector b) lightning c) A hurricane d) Volcanic ash

    25. What province is this? a) Manitoba b) Saskatchewan c) Alberta d) Ontario

    26. What is the capital city of this province? a) Winnipeg b) Calgary c) Regina d) Helsinki

    27. In what year did this province join confederation? a) 1901 b) 1870 c) 1867 d) 1898

    28. What is the name of professional football team that plays it’s home games in this province? a) Blue bombers b) Argonauts c) Tiger cats d) Roughriders

    29. Who is this Canadian born actor? a) Jim Carrey b) John Candy c) Seth Rogen d) Mike Myers

    30. In what province was he born? a) Quebec b) Ontario c) Alberta d) British Columbia

    31. What film franchise from his career has earned the most money? a) The Love Guru b) Austin Powers c) Shrek d) Wayne’s World

    32. Who did this actor replace in the role of Shrek? a) John Candy b) Christopher Reeve c) Chris Farley d) John Belushi

    33. Who is this woman? a) Queen Elizabeth II b) Lucy Lawless c) Margaret Atwood d) Margaret Lawrence

    34. Which of these books did she NOT write? a) The Handmaid’s Tale b) The Blind Assassin c) The Penelopaide d) The Lady in the Water

    35. Which award has she won? a) Cool dame of the year award b) Book star award c) Academy Award d) Governor General’s Award

    36. In what decade was she born? a) 1960s b) 1950s c) 1940s d) 1930s

    37. Who is this man? a) Kumar b) Dr. Sonjay Gupta c) Sendhil Ramamurthy d) M. Night Shyamalan

    38. Which of these films did he make first? a) The Village b) Signs c) The Sixth Sense d) Unbreakable

    39. In what country was he born? a) India b) United States c) Pakistan d) England

    40. Which 2010 film did he direct? a) Machete b) A-team c) The Last Airbender d) The Expendables

    41. What type of animal is this? a) Condor b) beaver c) possum d) muskrat

    42. What order of animal is this? a) mammal b) rodent c) amphibian d) Mythological creature

    43. What do these things build? a) Pyramids b) ports c) Skyscrapers d) dams

    44. Who is this man? a) Mark Messier b) Wayne Gretzky c) Gordie Howe d) Mario Lemieux

    45. Which NHL record does he not hold? a) Short handed goals career b) Points in a Career c) Goals in a season d) Assists in a season

    46. With which team did he end his career as a player? a) Los Angeles Kings b) St. Louis Blues c) Edmonton Oilers d) New York Rangers

    47. Who did he marry? a) George Gretzky b) Elaine Gretzky c) Janet Gretzky d) Mary Gretzky

    48. What battle does this depict? a) Little Big Horn b) Plains of Abraham c) Queenston Heights d) The bulge

    49. Who is dying in this painting? a) Montcalm b) Wolfe c) Washington d) Lincoln

    50. Who painted this image? a) Sterling Silver b) Benjamin West c) Allan Grayson d) Sir William Brantford