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By Joseph M. Laufer, Burlington County Historian PowerPoint Presentation
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By Joseph M. Laufer, Burlington County Historian

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By Joseph M. Laufer, Burlington County Historian - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Military Monuments of Burlington County. By Joseph M. Laufer, Burlington County Historian. Statue of Thomas Paine Prince St. at the waterfront Bordentown, NJ. Dec. 23, 1776. Mount Holly Revolutionary War Cannon.

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By Joseph M. Laufer, Burlington County Historian

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    1. Military Monuments of Burlington County By Joseph M. Laufer, Burlington County Historian

    2. Statue of Thomas Paine Prince St. at the waterfront Bordentown, NJ

    3. Dec. 23, 1776

    4. Mount Holly Revolutionary War Cannon During the Battle of Iron Works Hill, the Hessians captured 2 American light guns. This gun is probably one of the two captured and abandoned here by Ewald on December 26, 1776 Mounted in 1915 on the grounds of the Historic Mt. Holly Courthouse by a Vet’s group after being buried many years at the grist mill.

    5. Colonel Rall is left exposed in Trenton, as Washington arrives on Christmas Day On December 22, Griffin send 600 men to attack a sentry post at Petticoat Bridge, south of Black Horse. On December 23, Hessian Colonel Von Donop establishes a position here, bombarding the militia in retaliation for the attack at Petticoat Bridge on December 22 Colonel Griffin and his Patriots (about 900) set up camp here on December 20 1775 Quaker Meeting House Von Donop decides to celebrate Christmas in Mount Holly! Overnight on December 24, Griffin and his troops slip away to Moorestown

    6. Battle of Iron Works Hill Monument – Mount Holly

    7. Battle of Iron Works Hill Monument • Location: In St. Andrew's Cemetery on Pine Street, Mt. Holly. The monument can be seen from Pine Street. There is an historical marker along the fence, and off in the background you will see the monument and flag. Direct access is possible by entering the cemetery grounds through the pillared gate. • Significance - Mount Holly had a role in the famous Battle of Trenton. Just before Christmas Eve, 1776, about 2000 Hessians and Scots under General von Donop chased some New Jersey militia down Jacksonville Road from Bordentown into Mount Holly and made a mess of the place. The town was sorely used during the next few days by these mercenaries. But the joke was on them -- while they were busy dawdling in Mount Holly, George Washington's army was completing its crucial victory over the remaining Hessian forces at the Battle of Trenton - turing the tide of the American Revolution. • The text on the plaque affixed to the stone monument reads: "Here on December 23, 1776 was fought the Battle of Ironworks Hill. This diversionary tactic aided Washington to capture Trenton."

    8. Battle of Long Bridge (Hainesport) on June 20, 1778

    9. Revolutionary War Ships Monument Bordentown, NJ

    10. Revolutionary War Ships Monument • Location: Overlooking the juncture of Crosswicks Creek and the Delaware River from the bluff at the end of Prince Street. • Significance - This monument was dedicated on May 20, 1990 by the Rancocas Valley Chapter of the National Society of Colonial Dames XVII Century. The inscription reads: "Waters of Crosswicks Creek and the Delaware River join below. 22 vessels at Bordentown and 4 at White Hill were among the 44 that were destroyed in a British raid on May 8, 1778. All were trapped in the upper Delaware when the British took Philadelphia in September, 1777. Sites in Crosswicks Creek containing thye remains of 2 vessels are listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

    11. Unknown Revolutionary War Militiamen Monument Springfield Township Alfred Stephens - 1987

    12. Unknown Revolutionary War Militiamen Monument • Location: Located in the Upper Springfield Friends Burial Ground, corner of Springfield-Meeting House Road and Highland St., Springfield Township. • Significance - The result of the efforts of one man, Alfred Stephens of Jobstown, Burlington County has a unique memorial to those Revolutionary War victims who never received marked graves. Stevens, now deceased, was 80 years old in 1987 when the monument was dedicated. The four-foot high granite monument stands in the 280-year-old Quaker graveyard. The inscription reads: "1776-1783 Erected to the memory of Revolutionary War militiamen who gave their lives in local skirmishes with the British and Hessian forces and were placed in unmarked graves each known only to God." Stephens chose the year of the Bicentennial of the U.S. Constitution (1987) to implement his dream project. • The Upper Springfield Friends Burial Ground was placed on the National and New Jersey historical register in 1979. There is no longer an active Quaker Meeting House at the location. All that remains is a small portion of the earlier Meeting House, now used as the residence of the cemetery caretaker. There was a Quaker presence at this location as early as 1727.


    14. Beverly National Cemetery • Bridgboro Rd. in Edgewater Park • Began as one-acre plot in 1863; added to in 1936, 1937, 1948 and 1951 • 147 Union soldiers buried there – 10 of them unknown • Listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1997 • 4.6 acres • 48,533 veterans

    15. Burlington County Veterans’ Memorial, Burlington Township, NJ

    16. Located on Old York Road Burlington Township Adjacent to Municipal Bldg.



    19. Veterans' Memorials at each of Burlington County's 40 Municipalities

    20. BASS RIVER 1/1 The Bass River Township War Memorial is located between the Township Municipal Building and Fire House on North Maple Avenue.

    21. 1/2 BEVERLY Melbourne St. World War I Memorial, Beverly Library, Cooper St.

    22. 2/2 More on the Soldier at Rest… • Location: At 700 Melbourne Ave. - Corner of Melbourne and Cherry - on the grounds of the American Legion Post 115 Building. • In 1872, the New Jersey Legislature passed an act appropriating $10,000 to erect a state monument at the National Cemetery in Beverly. The act resulted in creation of the “Soldier at Rest” monument to memorialize the soldiers and sailors from New Jersey who fought and died in the War of the Rebellion. • The Philadelphia firm of Van Gunden and Young won the contract to execute the memorial. The 70-foot high column comprised eleven pieces of marble, a total of over 1,000 cubic feet of stone, quarried and carved in Calabria, Italy. One of Italy’s most renowned sculptors produced the soldier statue. The assembled monument, including shaft, pediments, capitals and statue, weighed in at about 80 tons and was once located in a grassy circle closest to the superintendent’s residence and maintenance garages. • A great crowd, including the Governor of New Jersey, civilians, and many military organizations, arrived at the cemetery on 28 June 1875 to dedicate the memorial. • Over the ensuing years following its erection, the column supporting the statue developed serious cracks, causing the monument’s disassembling following World War II. Charles Moses received the contract to rehabilitate the memorial. He disassembled it, but died before completing the restoration. His widow presented the “Soldier at Rest” statue to Beverly’s American Legion Post 115 and this organization has resisted all attempts to move the statue back to the National Cemetery. Courtesy Paul W. Schopp

    23. BORDENTOWN CITY 1/2 At Post Office, Cor. Of Walnut and Prince


    25. BORDENTOWN TOWNSHIP 1/2 The monument was dedicated on November 11, 1997. The dedication ceremony was in conjunction with celebrating Veterans Day. It was decided, at this time, between the city and township to subdivide the veteran’s holidays. The city arranges the Memorial Day Celebration and the township, organizes and hosts, the annual Veterans Day Ceremony. The committee solicited the community to seek sponsorship from area businesses. They purchased a stone from Booker’s, a stonecutter company, from the city, to carve the monument. The final product was delivered to the Municipal Complex where it still stands today. Municipal Dr. between Rt. 130 and Rt. 206

    26. 2/2

    27. BURLINGTON CITY 1/2 South side of High Street across from Belmont St. in front of the new Wilbur Watts School.

    28. BURLINGTON CITY 2/2 Cannon on the right side of the memorial Tank at the Burlington City Armory across the street from the Memorial on High Street

    29. BURLINGTON TOWNSHIP 1/2 Old York Road at Municipal Complex


    31. CHESTERFIELD TOWNSHIP 1/2 2 Chesterfield-Bordentown Road At Municipal Building


    33. CINNAMINSON TOWNSHIP 1/1 Municipal Complex, Riverton Rd. near Rt. 130

    34. DELANCO TOWNSHIP 1/2 Pavilion Ave – Burlington Ave, at entrance to Delran from Riverside


    36. DELRAN TOWNSHIP 1/1 Chester Ave. Municipal Complex

    37. EASTAMPTON TOWNSHIP 1/3 Municipal Complex, Manor House Court



    40. EDGEWATER PARK TWP. 1/2 North side of Cooper St. near River Line

    41. EDGEWATER PARK 2/2


    43. EVESHAM TOWNSHIP 2/2 Tuckerton Road, behind municipal building

    44. FIELDSBORO BORO 1/1 4th St. (Rt. 662) at Delaware Ave.

    45. FLORENCE TOWNSHIP 1/3 Intersection of Front Street and Broad Street at Florence Wharf