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Data Migration – Data Quality Management PowerPoint Presentation
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Data Migration – Data Quality Management

Data Migration – Data Quality Management

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Data Migration – Data Quality Management

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  1. Data Migration – Data Quality Management SAP Best Practices for Data Migration (English-Global)

  2. Purpose • The purpose is to describe business processes related to Data Migration to outline the general steps cleanse data with standardization and matching best practices before bringing migration objects from legacy systems into that of SAP ERP, CRM or other Source ERP/CRM system.

  3. Required SAP Applications and Company Roles • Required SAP Applications • SAP BusinessObjects Data Services V3.32 or V4.0 • SAP BusinessObjects Edge V3.32 or V4.0 • SAP Enhancement Pack 4 or 5 for SAP ERP 6.0 (optional) • Specific Features\Licenses Required for Data Quality • SAP BusinessObjects Data Services (Data Quality License) • SAP BusinessObjects Data Cleansing Dictionaries • Appropriate Postal Address Files • Company Roles • Data Migration Lead • Subject Matter Expert • SAP Functional Consultant • SAP Data Migration Consultant • Business Analyst or Data Steward

  4. Process Flow Diagram Data Migration Process – Data Quality SBOP Edge Application Log into BOE Match and Master No Un-match records (unique) remove from group No OK Match & continue until all records matched (group empty) Match Group Correct? Review Match Statistics using Admin Console Open Match & Master Interface and select package to review. Compare Subordinate Records against proposed Master Record Finsihed? Select a match group to work on. Result OK? Yes Or Review Match Results using BOE Reports Change master record Yes No Yes Data Services Data Quality Send Match Results to Match & Master Database Execute Standardization & Matching Process (Organization & Individual) Send Data ‘Package’ to be Standardized & Matched to DQ Input Tables Create Cross Reference Table (Subordinate – Master) Data Services Yes Connect to Source (Legacy) Data (txt, xls, or database) Import ATL (project) file Configure and execute Lookup initial Creation Job and Object Processing Jobs to create and populate Staging Database Run Data Quality? Configure and execute Lookup Data Population Job (optional – only when SAP target application exists Map Cleansed Legacy Data Review invalid Output Execute Object Processing Job Reconcile Enriched Data to SAP ERP Check IDoc Status No Lookup Maintenance Tool Map input Values in the Lookup Maintenance Application SAP ERP Import Object to SAP ERP View IDocs ATL = Automatic Transfer Load

  5. Diagram Connection Legend <Function> Hardcopy / Document External to SAP Financial Actuals Business Activity / Event Budget Planning Unit Process Manual Process Process Reference Existing Version / Data Sub-Process Reference Process Decision System Pass/Fail Decision