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Data Migration Process PowerPoint Presentation
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Data Migration Process

Data Migration Process

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Data Migration Process

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  1. Data Migration Process

  2. Table of Contents Purpose and Prerequisites Data Migration Data Flow Data Migration Process Flow Data Migration Process Description Roles and Responsibilities Premium Collection after Data Migration Roll-outs PLI Data Cleansing Data Mapping McCamish Modules

  3. Purpose, Inputs and Output for Data Migration Process

  4. Data Migration Data flow

  5. Sign-off on DM Plan -Finalise DM Process -DM Training -LAN/WAN Readiness Data Mapping (Source System v/s Target System)--------------------------- DM Team - Infosys Share scripts of Data Cleansing rules with NIC/PLI --------------------------- Infosys PLI to run scripts and share the discrepancy report with the circles • --------------------------- • IP (PLI) Data Migration Process Flow Data Cleansing & Enrichment --------------------------- Sys Admin – IP (PLI) Data is clean or not? Sign-off from IP (PLI) • ----------------------- • PMU – IP (PLI) To next phase DB – Converted and Cleansed data of all HOs NO YES

  6. Data Profiling Report Transfer PLI/RPLI DB from NIC------------------------- DM Team - Infosys From previous phase Extract Data------------------------- DM Team - Infosys • Pre-staging Area Data Migration Process Flow…Contd. Data Validation & Correction ------------------------- Circle Officer – Infosys & IP (PLI) Transform Source Data into format as reqd. by Target System--------------------------- DM Team - Infosys Target Schema Tables (Stage 2 Area) Stage 1 Area Reconciliation------------------------- DM Team - Infosys Data Upload------------------------- Upload Team - Infosys Reconciliation Report Sign-off-------------- PMU – IP (PLI) • Reconciliation Report McCamish Staging Area

  7. Trial Run ------------------------ DM Team - Infosys One-time activity for the selected offices Sign-off-------------- PMU – IP (PLI) Data Migration Process Flow…Contd. SIT Report System Integration Testing --------------------------- DM Team - Infosys UAT Report Mock Run ------------------------ DM Team - Infosys User Acceptance Testing --------------------------- Zonal PMs – Infosys & End User IP (PLI) From previous phase YES Bug Fixing • Is SIT successful? NO Bug Fixing • Is UAT successful? NO DataUploading - Final ------------------------ DM Team - Infosys YES End McCamish Tables

  8. Sharing of PLI/RPLI Data cleansing scripts to NIC by Infosys. NIC will share the discrepancy reports to Circle offices after executing the scripts • Data will be cleansed and enriched with the help of Data Enrichment Cleansing Rules by DoP • The cleansed DB will be transferred to the pre staging area Data Migration Process Description

  9. Data Migration Process Description

  10. Roles and Responsibilities

  11. Premium Collection after Data Migration roll-outs

  12. Data Discrepancy Report

  13. Data Discrepancy Report

  14. Data issues Policy Status not known or is incorrect in system Pay Mode is Null Medical is Null or is Invalid DO Code is Null Spouse DOB is Null (YS) Invalid Gender Invalid Category Difference between DOB and DOA is more than 45 years (CWLA Policies) . Policies with loan amount less than 1000.

  15. Data Cleansing Infosys provided data cleansing scripts to DoP to generate policy wise data discrepancy report for Pilot offices DoP to get those scripts run and share discrepancy report with respective offices To run these scripts, appropriate access to database is required Cleansing is to be done manually mostly by referring to case files and/or related ledger / table Refer to data cleansing rules for more details in share point

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