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Gender Matters

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Gender Matters
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  1. Gender Matters Boys and Girls Learn Differently By Trisha-Ann Matthew Education 702.22 Seminar in Applied Theory and Research 1 Spring 2010

  2. Table of Contents • Introduction • Statement of the Problem • Research Hypothesis • Review of Literature

  3. Statement of Problem Research has shown that boys are not soaring at the same rate with girls. In fact our boys are lagging way behind the girls. Research has found that boys are unengaged which may result in lower achievement. This research will attempt to answer the questions: Does gender matters in teaching? Should boys and girls be taught differently?

  4. Research Hypothesis HR1: Over a 5 week period a group of boys and girls from P.S. X environment will be changed to accommodate the way their learn best in attempt to help them achieve more. Boys will be allowed to sit on the floor for instructions as well as at their desks to best engaged them as learners.

  5. Review of Literature • Leonard Sax-leading theorists on gender matters • Gurian Institute-helps to provide professional development to help boys and girls reach their full potential • Gardner’s Theory of multiple intelligences

  6. References • Kaufmann, Carol (nd) How Boys and Girls Learn Differently. Readers Digest. Retrieved February 2010, from • Kurtz, Stanly (2005). Can We Make Boys and Girls Alike? City Journal .Retrieved February 2010, from • Tel Aviv University (2008). Keep Boys and Girls Together in Classrooms to Optimize Learning. ScienceDaily. Retrieved February 2010, from • Newquist, Colleen. The Yin and Yang of Learning Educators Seek Solutions in Single-Sex Education (1997). Education World. Retrieved February 2010, from • Delisio, Ellen R. (2006)Helping Boys Learn. Education World. Retrieved February 2010 from

  7. ReferencesContinued • Coates, Julie and Draves, William,A (2006). Smart Boys; Bad Grades. Retrieved February 2010 from • Leonard Sax (2006). Six Degrees of Separation: What Teachers Need to Know about the • Emerging Science of Sex Differences. Retrieved March 15, 2010 from • Caryl Rivers and Rosalind C. Barnett, CARYL RIVERS We can all learn together: Single-sex classes are trendy, but there's scant evidence that they improve academic achievement • Carla Rivera (2006).Single-sex classes on a forward course: More schools in L.A. and across the nation separate boys and girls. New federal guidelines extend the leeway. • Kelley King and Michael GurianTeaching to the Minds of Boys: Is something wrong with the way we're teaching boys? One elementary school thought so and decided to implement boy-friendly strategies that produced remarkable results.