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College English Integrated Course

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College English Integrated Course. Book Four 山东大学威海分校大学外语教学部 2011.08. Unit Two Smart Cars. Text A Smart Cars. Contents. Teaching Objectives Background Information Lead-in Activities Language Points Text Analysis Writing Task Oral Practice. 山东大学威海分校大外部. Teaching Objectives.

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college english integrated course

College English Integrated Course

Book Four



unit two smart cars

Unit Two Smart Cars

Text A Smart Cars



  • Teaching Objectives
  • Background Information
  • Lead-in Activities
  • Language Points
  • Text Analysis
  • Writing Task
  • Oral Practice


teaching objectives
Teaching Objectives

Students will be able to:

1. understand the main idea and structure of the text;

2. learn some techniques in expository writing(definition, quotes, a mixture of facts and opinions, etc.);

3. grasp the key language points and grammatical structures in the text;

4. grasp the key language points in Text A and learn how to use them in context;

5. conduct a series of reading, listening, speaking, and writing activities related to the theme of the unit.

background information
Background Information
  • Global Positioning System (GPS)
  • space-based radio-navigation system, consisting of 24 satellites and ground support. GPS provides users with accurate information about their position and velocity, as well as the time, anywhere in the world and in all weather conditions.
background information1
Background Information
  • Intelligent Transportation System (ITS)
  • advanced electronics, communications, and computer system that increase the efficiency and safety of highway transportation. Originally known as Intelligent Vehicle/Highway System (IVHS), these technologies can provide real-time information exchange between drivers and the roads, giving rise to the terms “smart cars” and “smart highways”. As technologies have expanded to include public transportation and commercial vehicles, this range of technologies has become known as the Intelligent Transportation System. Increasingly, drivers will have access to up-to-the-minute information on traffic conditions, alternate routes, and directions to unfamiliar destinations. Ultimately, vehicle control may be automated.
background information2
Background Information
  • Intelligent Transportation System (ITS)
lead in activities
Lead-in Activities
  • Have Ss form groups to make discussions on the following questions and report the discussion results to the class.
  • —What do you think is the most profitable and powerful industry in the 20th century, computer, automobile, petroleum or airplane?
  • —What do you think will be the most profitable and powerful industry in the 21st century, communication, astronautics, biology or construction?
  • —What is the greatest invention in the world so far?
  • —If you could afford a car, would you buy one? Which brand would you like to have?

Language Points

lucrative: producing much money; profitable

e.g. Many ex-army officers have found lucrative jobs in private security



We made a lucrative business deal with the American company on

rice imports.

extremely/highly/very lucrative 利润极高/非常赚钱

fairly/quite/rather lucrative 相当赚钱

potentially lucrative 有赚钱的潜力

a commercially lucrative venture 可盈利的投资


Language Points

manufacture: vt.

1) make goods on a large scale using machinery

e.g. Britain now manufactures approximately 40 percent of Europe’s

desktop computers.

Ford has been manufacturing cars for nearly a hundred years.

2) invent; make up

e.g. You have to manufacture some kind of excuse.

She manufactured a false story to hide facts.


Language Points

manufacture: vt.

c.f.manufacture & make

manufacture: 使用范围较窄,既可指通过使用工业机械,亦指粗制滥造


e.g. His books seemed to be manufactured rather than composed.


make: 通用且非正式,可用于所有的制造过程。

e.g. He made a model plan out of wood.



Language Points

start up:

1) begin or begin working, running, happening, etc;

e.g. start up a business/company 创立/组建

Tax breaks help new companies start up.


Jordan started up a band of his own.

2) if an engine, car etc starts up, or you start it up, it begins working 启


e.g. Peter looked in his mirror and started up the engine.

Put the key in the ignition and turn it to start the car up.

3) if a sound, activity, or event starts up, it begins to exist or happen (声


e.g. The crickets have started up now that it is evening.



Language Points

get/be stuck in (sth.): be unable to move or to be moved

e.g. I was stuck in the traffic yesterday for about one hour. That’s why I

missed the plane.

I was stuck at home with flu.

be stuck with sth. 不得不接受某事物;无法摆脱某事物

e.g. We are, unfortunately, stuck with this huge, ugly building.

be stuck with sb. 摆脱不了某人,甩不掉某人

e.g. They are stuck with each other with no end in sight.


get stuck in/get stuck into sth. 积极地开始做某事

e.g. Take your jacket off and get stuck in!



Language Points

frequency: the rate at which sth. happens or is repeated, usually

measured over a particular period of time

e.g. Fatal road accidents have decreased in frequency over recent


My computer broke down with increasing frequency.

great frequency 高发率

increased/increasing frequency 增高的发生率/越来越高的发生率

alarming frequency 令人担心的频率

decrease/increase/reduce frequency 减少频率/增加频率

high/low frequency 高/低频率

ultrasonic frequency 超声频率

text analysis
Text Analysis

1) T leads Ss through the instructions for Text Organization Exercise 1, and tell them that the main ideas will be filled in as soon as they finish studying a part.

2) For Part I, question-and-answer activity will be conducted by Ss in pairs.

text analysis1
Text Analysis
  • —How important was the automobile industry in the 20th century?
  • —Did the automobile industry change a lot in the last 70 years?
  • —What will happen to the cars and roads in the 21st century?
  • —Why does the author say the key to tomorrow’s “smart cars” will be sensors?
text analysis2
Text Analysis
  • 3) Ss complete text-related cloze on P.46 in 5 minutes on the base of understanding the text and new words
  • 4) Ss work in pairs to do the oral practice (ask-and-answer) on P.37.
writing task
Writing Task
  • Ss are guided through the Writing Strategy on P. 57 and learn to write a resume.
oral practice
Oral Practice

Acting out a Play

  • Form groups of three and put on a play based on the following:
  • Time 2020
  • Place a bar
  • Characters John—a recent college graduate, eager to work as a designer of smart cars
  • Ruth—a college student, John’s best friend, fond of smart cars
  • Jack—a senior engineer of an auto company, Ruth’s cousin

The three happen to meet at the bar. Curious to know about recent developments in the automobile industry, John and Ruth ask Jack questions like “what do the latest smart cars look like” and “what are their advantages”. John, eager to get hired by an auto company, inquires about qualifications for a job as a smart car designer.

When you are done, the teacher might ask some groups to perform the play for the whole class.