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Integrated Course of College English

Integrated Course of College English. Unit Six Book Four. The Third Two Periods. Designed by SHAO Hong-wan. Writing and Exercises. Warming-up----Tongue Twister Review--- Words and expressions Writing Skill---Practical writing Enriching Your Word Power Do Exercises

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Integrated Course of College English

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  1. Integrated Course of College English Unit Six Book Four The Third Two Periods Designed by SHAO Hong-wan

  2. Writing and Exercises • Warming-up----Tongue Twister • Review--- Words and expressions • Writing Skill---Practical writing • Enriching Your Word Power • Do Exercises • Proverbs and Quotations

  3. Tongue Twist 1. Miss Smith's fish-sauce shop seldom sells shellfish. 2. Never trouble about trouble until trouble troubles you! 3. Nothing is worth thousands of deaths. 4. Picky people pick Peter Pan Peanut Butter. Peter Pan Peanut is the peanut picky people pick. 5. Ripe white wheat reapers reap ripe white wheat right. 6. She said she should sit. 7. She sells sea shells on the seashore. The seashells she sells are seashells she is sure. 8. Shut up the shutters and sit in the shop. 9. Silly sheep weep and sleep. 10. Six shining cities, six shining cities, six shining cities.

  4. Useful Expressions between the lines 1. 字里行间 persuade sb. to do sth. 2.劝某人做某事 act of purchase 3.购买行为 in the most important sense 4.从最重要的意义上来说 physical appearance 5.外观 continual use 6.不断使用 first edition 7.第一版 get in the way 8.妨碍 pay one’s respects to sb. 9.向某人表示敬意 be indispensable to 10.必不可少

  5. 11. 其次,第二 in the second place 12. 消遣小说 light fiction 13. 放松的状态 in a state of relaxation 14. 努力争取 reach for 15. 停止 leave off 16. 双向活动 two-way operation 17. 存在于 consist in 18. 论据的顺序 sequence of points 19. 与……有关 be relevant to 20. 逐点 point by point

  6. Directions: Replace the underlined parts in the following sentences with words or phrases from the box. Change the forms if necessary. Pleases note: each word or phrase can be used only once. resume leave off persuade original so to speak relevant pick … up preserve statue solely 1. Please cite examples that are __________ to your point of view if you want to convince your readers. 2. His writing is very creative and _________, though he seldom uses many figures of speech in his composition. 3. The government _________ imposing tax on some kinds of necessities after the strike was over. 4. A few swamps have been ___________ for the sake of protecting ancient species. 5. His studio is full of all kinds of sculptures and _______ of Greek goddesses, which is his favorite theme. relevant 修辞格 original will resume 为了…… preserved 希腊女神 statue

  7. resume leave off persuade original so to speak relevant pick … up preserve statue solely solely 6. Scholarships are awarded ________ on the basis of financial need. 7. I won’t prevent you from getting into automobile business if you can _________ our partners. 8. I promised my wife to ________ her mother________ at the airport. 9. Let’s start with the topic that we _________ at the end of our last meeting. 10. You’re, _______________, a fish out of water. 进入汽车行业 persuade up pick left off 不得其所 so to speak

  8. Guided Writing 1. Writing Skill There are two ways to develop a composition in which we want to put forward our arguments. One way is to write the composition in three paragraphs. The first paragraph covers the author’s opinion in favor of a certain argument. The second paragraph deals with opposite opinion. The author’s own opinion will occur in the last paragraph. The other way is different. The author directly puts forward his opinion on a certain argument in the first paragraph. Then in second paragraph the author support his opinion by means of giving example(s). In the last paragraph, the author will repeat his opinion.

  9. How to develop a good paragraph? 1. A good paragraph is compsed of a topic sentence, some developmental sentences and concluding sentences. 2. Developmental sentences consists of major supporting statements and minor supporting statements, which can be developed in two different ways. One is the dominant methods, the other is supporting methods. 3. Ways of developing supporting statements: • details • examples • narration • comparison and contrast • classification

  10. Writing Practice 1. Write down two more arguments with support the topic sentence of the following paragraph: Marking up a book is indispensable to efficent reading. To begin with, the mere act of underlining and making marginal notes will keep pur minds alert. Furthermore, ____________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ Finally, _____________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ we may record our thoughts which are the results of active reading. the physical act of writing will help retain in our memory the thoughts the author expresses and the thoughts we have while reading.

  11. 2. To improve your reading comprehension, you should constatly and make reading a habit. In addition, you have to develop certain reading skills. Now write a short piece in two or three paragraphs entiltled How to Improve Your Reading Comprehension. Reference As our studying is mostly done through reading, it is self-evident that we should endeavour to improve our reading comprehension. The best eay you can become a good reader is through prcactice. You cannot read a few paragaphs just once in a while and become a fluent reader. You need to read constantly. It is adviseable to carry something to read with you wherever you go. Whenever you have the chance, take it out and read a paragraph or two. Once you have made reading a habit, your reading is bound to benefit.

  12. To improve your reading comprejhension, you also need to develop certain reading skills. For example, a poor reader tends to move his eyes from word to word whereas an efficent reader will move his eyes from thought group to thought group. To pick up speed and fluency, therefore, you should learn to read in thougths groups. Mastering such reading techniques is the key to effective reading.

  13. 3. There is an old Chinese saying that “Man Proposes, God Disposes”. What is your viewpoint on it? Write a composition of about 120 words. Reference: Man Proposes, God disposes There is a wide spread proverb, which goes, “Man proposes, God disposes”, which means that the planning lies with man, while the outcome with Heaven. In my opinion, this proverb reflects a relation between success and luck, that is, we should always work hard in order to achieve our goal, though in many cases our final outcome may be determined by luck. Anyway, luck may affect us, but we should never give up halfway, convinced that our effort will pay in the long run.

  14. Let me take English study as an example. A student spends much time and efforts on English and has good study habits. He is supposed to receive good grades in the examination. But suppose something unexpected, like illness occurs, and his final score is far from his expectations. Should he lose heart and become distressed? Of course not. Just keep it up and next time luck will probably favor him. In conclusion, luck does influence or even dominate us sometimes, but in any case god will help those who help themselves. That’s to say, it is up to ourselves whether we will go ahead or backward.

  15. 4. For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes t write a composition on the topic Whether the Internat Plays a Connecting or an Isolating Role in Our Social Life. You should write a at least 120 words, and list some detail evidences such as reasons or facts to support your statement. Whether the Internet Plays a Connecting or an Isolating Role in Our Socil Life Can you remember when is the last time you talked to your parents and relatives face to face? If you have to think about it for more than 5 minutes, you might realize how far you are away from your social circle now. Then, what else really fills your time? The Internat! The Internet has certainly changes our lifestyle. Before the invention of the Internet and e-mail, our social network is involved live interactions with relatives, neighbors, and colleagues at work. The interaction was still vocie to voice, person to person, in real time. Now, for a lot of perople, electronic interaction thtrough the

  16. computer has replaced this person-to-person interaction. Many people were worried that the Internet isolated us and caused us to spend too much time in the imaginary world of the computer. Does the Internet bring in just isolation? I have to argue that IT-tech is not a monster. The fact is we are individualized and are networked at the same time by the cables. The internet connects us with more real people than expected. The online services allow us to communicate with others instantly. Many constly ways of contact are now much easier and even priceless. The Internet plays an important role in helping build our social networks. People can get advice on careers, medical problems, raising children, and choosing a school or college online. Thanks to the golden side of the Internte, we are now both individualzed and socialized at the same time!

  17. Enriching Your Word Power • 1.The suffix-let is added to nouns to form other nouns, meaning • little: booklet=a little book; • Things worn as a band on: armlet=a band worn around the arm Now give definitions of the following words: anklet brooklet starlet streamlet ________________________________________ ________________________________________ ________________________________________ ________________________________________ a band worn around the ankle a little brook a little star a little stream

  18. Enriching Your Word Power Loan Words Ex. 11. Look up in an all English dictionary the following loan words (words that are taken from other languages and at least partly naturalized). Find out from what language they are borrowed and explain them in simple English. eg: caviar: (French) the pickled eggs of the sturgeon, used as food, considered a delicacy bourgeois: (French) too interested in having a lot of possessions and a high position in society; a capitalist café: (French) small inexpensive restaurant serves light meal and drinks; a caffee house

  19. kindergarten: (German)a school or class for young children usually aged from 2 to 5 shah: (Persian) the title of the king of Iran, used in the past solo: (Italian)done alone without anyone else helping you ; a piece of music tea: (Chinese) a hot brown drink made by pouring boiling water onto the dried leaves from a particular bush tsar: (Russian) a male ruler of Russia before 1917, the emperor of Russia typhoon: (Chinese) a very violent storm in tropical areas in which the wind moves in circles

  20. Fill in each of the blanks in the following sentences with a word or phrase chosen from the Words & Phrases to Drill box. Change the form where necessary. 1) prelude 2) shcedule 3) be in the way 4) individuals 5) sequence 6) preserve 7) relevant 8) integrate 9) glide 10) inquiry 11) conscious 12) continual 13) Reading between the lines 14) sets of 15) original

  21. Replace the italicized parts in the following sentences with words or phrases chosen from the Words & Phrases to Drill box. 1) resumed 2) transferred 3) manufacrued 4) loosened 5) invariably 6) set down 7) restrain 8) literally 9) glided 10) magnificent 11) do good to 12) consists … in

  22. 1)have dipped into 2) read through 3) picked …up 4) left off 5) has…thought through 6) reaching for 7) tied up 8) was… marked up 9) consist in/ consisted in 10) reduced …to Complete the following sentences with appropriate phrasal verbs forming from the verbs given below.

  23. Cloze: fill in the missing words and phrases Passage A: 1. read between the lines 2. magnificent 3. preserved 4. dip into 5. transfer 6. think through 7. integrate 8. Setting down 9. underlining 10. relevant 11. glide 12. reach for

  24. Passage B. 1. It 2. reasons 3. reading 4. no 5. speed 6. read 7. slwoly 8. in 9. different 10. case 11. but 12. make 13. better 14. as 15. does 16. marking 17. because 18. whithout 19. marked 20. lending 21. If 22. copy 23. books 24. part

  25. Proverbs and Quotations 1. Books and friends should be few but good. 书与友,贵精不贵多。 2. Bread nourishes the body, and books enrich the mind. 面包滋养身体,书本充实头脑。 3. There is no friend so faithful as a good book. 最忠实的朋友莫过于一本好书。

  26. 4. To read without reflecting is like eating without digesting. — Burke, British statesman 读书而不回味,犹如吃东西而不消化。 ——英国政治家 伯克 5. Reading makes a full man, conference a ready man, and writing an exact man. — Francis Bacon, English philosopher 阅读使人充实,会谈使人敏捷,写作使人精确。 ——英国哲学家 弗朗西斯•培根

  27. Assignments • Read the phrases again and again after class, next time we’ll have a dictation. • Put the sentences into English and write the composition on your exercise-books. • Do Vocabulary exercises in unit 6. • Preview the new words and text in Unit 7.

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