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95-731: Business Strategy and Electronic Commerce. Zoos. Non-Profit to Consumers. Halit Akcaglayan | Naresh Bhaskar | Chad Carter Connie Chen | Teguh Djojoargono Heinz, CMU | Spring 2000. Players around the world. Basics.

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  1. 95-731: Business Strategy and Electronic Commerce Zoos Non-Profit to Consumers Halit Akcaglayan | Naresh Bhaskar | Chad Carter Connie Chen | Teguh Djojoargono Heinz, CMU | Spring 2000

  2. Players around the world

  3. Basics • Missions:Conservation of wild life, species, nature, habitats or environment. • Sources of Financial Support: Ticket sales, donations, corporate sponsorship, special events. • On-line Services:Online store, Ticket sales, Membership, Donations, Information (news, maps, directions), Education. • Categories:Animal zoos, aquaria, research oriented zoos, virtual zoos, safari parks. Zoo Index: http://www.mindspring.com/~zoonet/www_virtual_lib/zoos.html#indexes

  4. Sample Front Page (Denmark)www.knuthenborg.dk Opening page of the site Main English language page Menu of options for navigation

  5. Sample Zoo Store (U.S.) www.sandiegozoo.org Main menu on opening page of the San Diego Zoo site San Diego Zoo: http://www.shopzoo.com/home.html The store at the San Diego Zoo site sells stuffed animals

  6. Target Audience • Primarily targeted at the population of the city the zoo is located in • Constituents: • School groups • Tourists • Children and families • Citizens supporting wild life and habitat preservation

  7. Attracting customers • Discount Promotions • Local Corporate Sales • National Corporate & Military Sales • Special Market Sales • Travel Industry Sales • Convention & Catering Sales • Ads in the Media • Flyers, Posters, Banners

  8. Attracting customers (continued) • Provision of information on the mission of the wild life park/zoo • Introduction of the features of the actual site and prices • Introduction of the amusement, education and research programs for children and adults (e.g. birthday parties at zoo, research and recreation centers on wild life protection) • Discounted family membership program • Voluntary animal adoption program in return for donations

  9. Value added • Ticket programs • Special tours • Catered events (e.g. birthday parties) • Picnics, excursions • Donor clubs • Information provision • Educational features • Shopping outlet

  10. Value added (continued) • Online video clips – Panda Cam (San Diego Zoo) “The response to Panda Cam has been phenomenal” - Zoo’s Web manager “Panda Cam is history-in-the-making. Never before have this many people been able to watch a giant panda mother raise her newborn infant.” - Giant panda team leader “Thank you, thank you. I’m mesmerized by the Panda Cam. And so are my kids.” – Elaine G.

  11. Value added (continued) Partnership opportunities: • Opportunities for corporations that include sponsorship, cause-marketing, licensing, advertising, and possibly co-branding. • Strive to exceed both the partner’s and the zoo’s own shared marketing objectives, while maintaining commitment to mission. • Deliver consumer loyalty, a great sales climate, year-round benefits, community roots and international recognition.

  12. Sample Prices : San Diego Zoo Membership options: • $76 Dual Membership – 2 adults in the same household • $60 Single Membership – 1 adult • Both options include: • 1 year's free unlimited admission to the San Diego Zoo and Wild Animal Park • 2 free guest passes ($35 value) • 1 year's subscription to “Zoonooz” magazine ($15 value)

  13. Sample Prices : Cincinnati Zoo • $270 Associate Club Membership: • 2 adults at 1 household and children • free parking • 8 free guest passes • $140 Patron Club Membership: • 2 adults at 1 household and children • free parking • 6 free guest passes • $64 Family Membership: • 2 adults at 1 household and children • $53 Single Parent Membership: • 1 adult and children • $38 Individual Membership: • 1 adult • $31 Student Membership: • 1 full-time college student

  14. Trying zoos online • Email notification when the zoo puts new exhibits and attractions online • Online gift membership offer • Promotions from the online zoo store • News and articles related to current wildlife and habitat conservation issues • An “Online Zoo” is a virtual zoo on the web that only provides information on animals and locations to see them. Note that such zoos may be for-profit or not-for-profit outfits.

  15. One shot to repeat customers • Educational features: Source of information for children on wildlife • School affiliate program: Generate repeat visits from student body • Donor/Member-only areas: Offer additional information and features • Collect membership information: Initiate data warehousing and make intelligent use of customer database

  16. One shot to repeat customers (continued) • Virtual safaris: Video clips and image albums to simulate safari experience • Interactive games for kids on the site • Animal sounds: Audio clips that quiz children to match images and sounds • Pet-related information for children and parents; Partner with SPCA • Regular updates: Prompt customer to check back often for new zoo stuff

  17. Recommendations • Implement better-designed, attractive, user-friendly interface • Include “Search” functionality • Partner with Rainforest Café: • Coupons for dinner at the restaurant • Vouchers for free visits to the zoo • Generate donations for “Protect-a-Species” program, through clicks to sponsors, as in the Hunger website.

  18. Recommendations (continued) • Information on restaurants, hotels, airport access & rental cars in the area • Partner with online city tour operator • Choice of shipping carriers and other parameters for zoo store • Advance permission marketing to achieve donor agreement to auto-deduct donations on periodic basis • Raffles, accumulate points, giveaways

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