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95-731: Business Strategy and Electronic Commerce. Zoos. Non-Profit to Consumers. Halit Akcaglayan | Naresh Bhaskar | Chad Carter Connie Chen | Teguh Djojoargono Heinz, CMU | Spring 2000. Players around the world. Basics.

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95-731: Business Strategy and Electronic Commerce


Non-Profit to Consumers

Halit Akcaglayan | Naresh Bhaskar | Chad Carter

Connie Chen | Teguh Djojoargono

Heinz, CMU | Spring 2000

  • Missions:Conservation of wild life, species, nature, habitats or environment.
  • Sources of Financial Support: Ticket sales, donations, corporate sponsorship, special events.
  • On-line Services:Online store, Ticket sales, Membership, Donations, Information (news, maps, directions), Education.
  • Categories:Animal zoos, aquaria, research oriented zoos, virtual zoos, safari parks.

Zoo Index:

sample front page denmark www knuthenborg dk
Sample Front Page (Denmark)

Opening page of the site

Main English

language page

Menu of options

for navigation

sample zoo store u s www sandiegozoo org
Sample Zoo Store (U.S.)

Main menu on

opening page of the

San Diego Zoo site

San Diego Zoo:

The store at the

San Diego Zoo site

sells stuffed animals

target audience
Target Audience
  • Primarily targeted at the population

of the city the zoo is located in

  • Constituents:
    • School groups
    • Tourists
    • Children and families
    • Citizens supporting wild life and habitat preservation
attracting customers
Attracting customers
  • Discount Promotions
  • Local Corporate Sales
  • National Corporate & Military Sales
  • Special Market Sales
  • Travel Industry Sales
  • Convention & Catering Sales
  • Ads in the Media
  • Flyers, Posters, Banners
attracting customers continued
Attracting customers (continued)
  • Provision of information on the mission of the wild life park/zoo
  • Introduction of the features of the actual site and prices
  • Introduction of the amusement, education and research programs for children and adults (e.g. birthday parties at zoo, research and recreation centers on wild life protection)
  • Discounted family membership program
  • Voluntary animal adoption program in return for donations
value added
Value added
  • Ticket programs
  • Special tours
  • Catered events (e.g. birthday parties)
  • Picnics, excursions
  • Donor clubs
  • Information provision
  • Educational features
  • Shopping outlet
value added continued
Value added (continued)
  • Online video clips

– Panda Cam

(San Diego Zoo)

“The response to Panda Cam has been phenomenal”

- Zoo’s Web manager

“Panda Cam is history-in-the-making. Never before have this many people been able to watch a giant panda mother raise her newborn infant.” - Giant panda team leader

“Thank you, thank you. I’m mesmerized by the Panda Cam. And so are my kids.” – Elaine G.

value added continued11
Value added (continued)

Partnership opportunities:

  • Opportunities for corporations that include sponsorship, cause-marketing, licensing, advertising, and possibly co-branding.
  • Strive to exceed both the partner’s and the zoo’s own shared marketing objectives, while maintaining commitment to mission.
  • Deliver consumer loyalty, a great sales climate, year-round benefits, community roots and international recognition.
sample prices san diego zoo
Sample Prices : San Diego Zoo

Membership options:

  • $76 Dual Membership – 2 adults in the same household
  • $60 Single Membership – 1 adult
  • Both options include:
    • 1 year's free unlimited admission to the San Diego Zoo and Wild Animal Park
    • 2 free guest passes ($35 value)
    • 1 year's subscription to “Zoonooz” magazine ($15 value)
sample prices cincinnati zoo
Sample Prices : Cincinnati Zoo
  • $270 Associate Club Membership:
    • 2 adults at 1 household and children
    • free parking
    • 8 free guest passes
  • $140 Patron Club Membership:
    • 2 adults at 1 household and children
    • free parking
    • 6 free guest passes
  • $64 Family Membership:
    • 2 adults at 1 household and children
  • $53 Single Parent Membership:
    • 1 adult and children
  • $38 Individual Membership:
    • 1 adult
  • $31 Student Membership:
    • 1 full-time college student
trying zoos online
Trying zoos online
  • Email notification when the zoo puts new exhibits and attractions online
  • Online gift membership offer
  • Promotions from the online zoo store
  • News and articles related to current wildlife and habitat conservation issues
  • An “Online Zoo” is a virtual zoo on the web that only provides information on animals and locations to see them. Note that such zoos may be for-profit or not-for-profit outfits.
one shot to repeat customers
One shot to repeat customers
  • Educational features: Source of information for children on wildlife
  • School affiliate program: Generate repeat visits from student body
  • Donor/Member-only areas: Offer additional information and features
  • Collect membership information: Initiate data warehousing and make intelligent use of customer database
one shot to repeat customers continued
One shot to repeat customers (continued)
  • Virtual safaris: Video clips and image albums to simulate safari experience
  • Interactive games for kids on the site
  • Animal sounds: Audio clips that quiz children to match images and sounds
  • Pet-related information for children and parents; Partner with SPCA
  • Regular updates: Prompt customer to check back often for new zoo stuff
  • Implement better-designed, attractive, user-friendly interface
  • Include “Search” functionality
  • Partner with Rainforest Café:
    • Coupons for dinner at the restaurant
    • Vouchers for free visits to the zoo
  • Generate donations for “Protect-a-Species” program, through clicks to sponsors, as in the Hunger website.
recommendations continued
Recommendations (continued)
  • Information on restaurants, hotels, airport access & rental cars in the area
  • Partner with online city tour operator
  • Choice of shipping carriers and other parameters for zoo store
  • Advance permission marketing to achieve donor agreement to auto-deduct donations on periodic basis
  • Raffles, accumulate points, giveaways