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Learn how to browse, check out, and download digital titles to a personal computer using your OverDrive Digital Library.

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Learn how to browse, check out, and download digital titles to a personal computer using your OverDrive Digital Library. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Welcome to Digital Library 101!. Learn how to browse, check out, and download digital titles to a personal computer using your OverDrive Digital Library. Contact: . Objective. In this presentation you will learn how to: Check out and download digital titles.

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Presentation Transcript

Welcome to Digital Library 101!

Learn how to browse, check out, and download digital titles to a personal computer using your OverDrive Digital Library.


  • In this presentation you will learn how to:
    • Check out and download digital titles.
    • Burn titles to a CD and transfer to a mobile device.
    • Assist others in getting started.
  • Overview:
    • Your OverDrive Digital Library.
    • OverDrive Formats.
    • Licensing Options.
    • Digital Rights.
  • Formats:
    • Audiobooks, Music, Video.
    • Adobe eBooks.
    • Mobipocket eBooks.
  • Demonstration
  • Help Resources.
  • Reports Overview.
  • Next Steps.
what is an overdrive digital library
What is an OverDrive Digital Library?
  • Your OverDrive Digital Library is an Internet-based library hosted by OverDrive.
  • Your library / consortium has selected a custom collection.
  • Patrons may borrow and download titles using their library card.
  • Titles are available 24/7 … anytime, anywhere!
  • All formats include accessibility features for the visually impaired.
  • Real-time reports track circulation online.
what formats are available
What formats are available?
  • OverDrive offers eBooks, Audiobooks, Music, and Video.
what licensing models are available
What licensing models are available?
  • One Copy – One User
    • When a title is purchased, a copy of that title is added to your download collection.
    • When a patron checks out a title, it is removed from circulation.
    • Patrons may request a checked out title by placing a hold.
    • Selectors may always purchase additional copies of popular titles.
  • Maximum Access
    • Annual subscription.
    • One copy is available for unlimited simultaneous checkouts.
    • Titles will always be available for your patrons.
    • Holds are never necessary.
getting started
Getting Started
  • To download digital titles, a patron will need:
    • A personal computer.
    • A valid library card.
    • Free digital media software.
    • Access to the Internet.
  • Internet access is needed to browse, check out, and download titles.
  • After download, enjoy a digital title without being connected to the Internet.
what are digital rights
What are Digital Rights?
  • OverDrive utilizes Digital Rights Management (DRM) Protection to help block unlawful file sharing.
  • This technology can be part of installing software, downloading a title, and/or registering a computer or device.
  • Publishers also set digital rights for each title.
    • These permissions describe what you can do with the title after download.
    • Examples include: Burn to CD, transfer to a portable device, copy / paste, and print.
    • 'Digital Rights Information' is provided for each title on your OverDrive Digital Library.
can patrons download to a library computer
Can patrons download to a library computer?
  • Digital Titles are generally not for use on computers at your public library.
    • Signage.
    • IP address blocking.
    • Download-blocking software.
    • Language for your OverDrive Digital Library.
    • OverDrive Download Station.
  • Librarians and staff can assist patrons in the library!
  • Patrons will be able to browse titles, listen or view excerpts, and check out titles at your library.
  • Once at home, patrons may download checked out titles by logging into their account.
  • For more information on OverDrive Download Station please see:
  • Or email!

How does your OverDrive Digital Library work?

1. Browse

2. Check Out

3. Download

... enjoy!

Best of all, titles automatically expire at the end of the lending period.


Important Notes:

    • titles include supplemental material. Click on the 'Enhanced' starburst to learn more.
    • Videos with Public Performance Permissions are licensed for viewing with a group or in a public place.
  • Click on a title image to view the details.
  • Next, add selections to the Cart.
  • If a title is not available, place a hold and receive an email when the title is ready for checkout.
  • Search for a specific title using the Quick Search or Advanced Search.
check out
Check Out
  • After selecting digital titles, click on 'Proceed to Checkout'.
  • Enter library card number, without spaces.
  • After the card is verified, titles are ready for download.
  • The Download Page features a link to download the free digital media software.
  • Click on the 'Download' button to begin downloading the title.
  • You may download checked out titles at a later time by clicking on 'My Account'.

Enjoy downloaded titles on laptop and desktop computers, Pocket PCs, PDAs, Smartphones, and MP3 players.

Many audio titles can be burned to CD.

overdrive media console
OverDrive Media Console
  • Play OverDrive Audiobooks, Music, and Video on PCs with speakers or headphones.
  • Burn many audio titles to CD using the built-in 'Burn Wizard'.
  • Transfer to a compatible device using the built-in 'Transfer Wizard'.
software needed
Software Needed
  • Free digital media software.
    • OverDrive Media Console.
    • Windows Media® Player (9 Series or higher).
  • Windows® Operating System.
    • Win 98 SE or higher.
    • Also compatible with Microsoft's Vista operating system.
windows media player security upgrade
Windows Media Player Security Upgrade
  • First-time users will be prompted to complete a one-time security upgrade for Windows Media Player.
  • Follow the prompts to complete the upgrade.
  • Click on the 'Download' button.
  • A tiny license file is downloaded.
  • Next, OverDrive Media Console launches automatically.
  • In the 'Download' box select which parts to download.
  • Tip: If you are using a dial-up connection, try downloading a single part.
  • Enjoy listening to the first part as remaining parts are downloading.
overdrive media explorer features
OverDrive Media Explorer Features
  • The OverDrive Media Explorer was designed specifically for the playback of multimedia titles.
    • Speed adjustment (Windows XP or higher).
    • Jump back 15 seconds.
    • Resume from furthest point.
    • Bookmark.
    • Hotkeys:
    • OMC also works with JAWS, Window-Eyes, and other screen readers.

Control + P = PLAYControl + S = STOPF9 = Volume DOWNF10 = Volume UPSee OMC Help for more

additional checkouts
Additional Checkouts
  • When a title expires, it remains on the patron's PC, but it can no longer be opened.
  • A patron can check out the title again, download a new license, and listen to their previously downloaded parts.
  • Patrons will be prompted to delete expired titles from the OverDrive Media Console. Titles will also be deleted from the PC.
compatible devices
Compatible Devices
  • The device must play DRM-protected Windows Media files.
  • Audiobooks: The device must support the bit rate of 32kbps.
  • Music: The device must support the bit rate of 64kbps.
  • Hundreds of portable devices are available. Check out OverDrive's Device Resource Center:
how many titles will fit
How many titles will fit?

Each 'Part' of an Audiobook is approximately 1 hour.

A 1 GB device will hold 4 to 6 average length Audiobooks!

transfer to a device
Transfer to a device
  • Open OverDrive Media Console.
  • Select the title to transfer.
  • Click the 'Transfer' button.
  • The OverDrive Media Console Transfer Wizard will open. Follow the prompts to complete the transfer:
    • Connect your portable device to your computer. Click 'Next' to continue.
    • When the device is detected, the 'Confirm' Screen will appear.
    • Select the Part(s) you wish to transfer.
    • Choose 'Advanced Options' to modify the storage folder or file name (optional). Click 'OK' to continue.
    • Click 'Next' to transfer the selected Part(s) to your portable device.
    • OverDrive Media Console will test for storage space. You will have the option to delete titles if the device is full.
    • After the transfer is complete, you may disconnect your portable device.
  • Click 'Finish' to close the wizard.
burn to cd
Burn to CD
  • Open OverDrive Media Console.
  • Select the title to burn.
  • Click the 'Burn' button.
  • The OverDrive Media Console Burn Wizard will open. Follow the prompts to complete the burn:
    • Insert a blank CD into the CD drive. Click 'Next' to continue.
    • The 'Confirm' Screen will appear. Select the Part(s) you wish to burn.
    • Choose 'Options' to modify the burn speed and insert pauses between tracks (optional). Click 'OK' to continue.
    • Choose 'Tracks' to view the track information that will be included on the CD (optional). Click 'Close' to continue.
    • Click 'Next' to burn the selected Part(s) to CD.
    • OverDrive Media Console will prepare and burn the Part(s) to CD.
    • If you have selected more than one Part to burn to CD, the Burn Wizard will prompt you to enter a new CD as each Part finishes burning.
    • After the burn is complete, the wizard will eject the CD.
  • Click 'Finish' to close the wizard.
what is an adobe ebook
What is an Adobe eBook?
  • Adobe eBooks
    • Adobe eBooks are text-based titles in PDF or EPUB format.
  • Requirements
    • For use on PCs and Macs.
    • Adobe Reader 7 or Adobe Digital Editionsrequired.


    • ADE can be installed without Adobe Reader.
    • Patrons reading Adobe eBooks on portable devices should continue to use Adobe Reader 7.
adobe digital editions
Adobe Digital Editions
  • Adobe Digital Editions
    • Flash-based software.
    • Offers new opportunities for dynamic, interactive eBooks.
  • Features
    • Easy to use 'Library'.
    • Add bookmarks, highlights, and notes.
    • Table of Contents display.
  • What's coming
    • Adobe eBooks in EPUB format. Includes reflowable text!
    • Plans for portable devices.
download adobe ebooks
Download Adobe eBooks
  • Click on the 'Download' button.
  • ADE will open automatically.
  • When the download is complete, the eBook can be read right away.
  • You don't need to be connected to the Internet to read Adobe eBooks.
borrowed titles early returns
Borrowed Titles / Early Returns
  • Easy to view lending period:
  • A banner displays the remaining lending period in the upper right hand corner of each thumbnail.
  • Early returns:
  • Click on the thumbnail, and select 'Return Borrowed Item'.
expired titles additional checkouts
Expired Titles / Additional Checkouts
  • Expired titles: 
  • At the end of the lending period a title displays 'EXPIRED' across the title's cover image.  Double-click an expired title for a prompt to delete the title.
  • Not finished?
  • Delete the title from ADE and from My Documents > My Digital Editions.  Then check out and download the title again.
what is a mobipocket ebook
What is a Mobipocket eBook?
  • Mobipocket eBooks
    • Text-based titles in a small file format (.PRC).
    • Read on a PC and / or transfer titles to a portable device.
    • Mobipocket is an company.
  • Requirements
    • For use on Windows 2000, XP, or Vista Operating Systems.
    • Mobipocket Reader Version 4.x or higher required.
  • Before you check out a Mobipocket title, be sure to register a Device PID.
    • Copy the device PID from Mobipocket Reader: Reading Devices > Edit Properties > Copy Device PID.
    • Paste the device PID into your OverDrive Digital Library account:Login toyour OverDrive Digital Library > My Account > My Mobipocket PIDs.
download mobipocket ebooks
Download Mobipocket eBooks
  • After checkout, click on the 'Download' button.
  • When the download is complete, read the title directly in Mobipocket Reader on the PC.
  • Or, click 'Send' to transfer the file to a PDA or other device.
mobipocket features
Mobipocket Features
  • To open a Mobipocket title on a Pocket PC, go to: START > Mobipocket > select title.
  • To return to the title list, click on 'Library'.
  • Mobipocket Reader also offers:
    • Reflowable text.
    • Full screen mode.
    • Zoom text feature.
    • Bookmarks.
    • Full text searching.
install register a new device for mobipocket ebooks
Install / Register a New Device for Mobipocket eBooks
  • Install the appropriate plug-in for your device to your PC.
    • Usually this plug-in comes on a CD with the device.
    • The plug-in creates a partnership between a PC and PDA devices.
    • This is a one-time install. One example is ActiveSync®:
  • Add the mobile device to the desktop version of Mobipocket Reader: Mobipocket Reader > Reading Devices > Install New Device.
    • Follow the prompts given in the wizard. Mobipocket Reader will then prepare files to be installed to your device.
    • When the synchronization is complete, your new device will be listed under 'Reading Devices' on the desktop version of Mobipocket Reader.
  • Be sure to register the PID for your new device with your OverDrive Digital Library account.
    • Copy the device PID from Mobipocket Reader: Reading Devices > Edit Properties > Copy Device PID.
    • Paste the device PID into your OverDrive Digital Library account:Login to your OverDrive Digital Library > My Account > My Mobipocket PIDs.
help resources
Help Resources
  • Help link: This is the best resource for Frequently Asked Questions!
  • Quick Start Guide: How to get started in three easy steps.
  • Guided Tour: Self-paced guides to selecting, downloading, and enjoying digital titles.
    • Flash-based.
    • Review the entire guided tour in about 25 minutes, or select an individual topic.
  • Patron Support: Patrons may email the library support team for assistance.

Library Staff Support: Contact us at (Please do not share this email with patrons.)

  • Many reports are available!
    • Current Waiting List: View titles currently on hold.
    • Purchased Title Report: View all titles owned plus checkouts, holds, and turnover rates for each title.
    • Activity Charts: View borrowing activity.
    • Digital Library Statistics: View summary statistics including titles, checkouts, holds, and borrowers.
    • Traffic Reports: View traffic reports from the past 3 calendar months.
reactivate a download
Reactivate a Download
  • A borrower might report:
    • A missing download button.
    • A download error.
  • Why does this happen?
    • Adobe eBooks: A license can be downloaded one time during a single lending period.
    • OverDrive Video: A license can be downloaded two times during a single lending period.
    • OverDrive Audio Titles: A license can be downloaded three times during a single lending period.
  • A license for a checked out title is downloaded when a borrower clicks the 'download' button.
reactivate a download45
Reactivate a Download
  • Use Content Reserve to reactivate a download:
    • You will need the borrower's library card number and title.
    • Login to Content Reserve: Reports Tab > Search Checkouts.
    • Enter the library card number. The 'Checkout Details' page appears.
    • Click 'View' next to the title you wish to reactivate.
    • Under 'Reactivate Checkout', enter a reason (required for Adobe eBooks).
    • Click 'Reactivate'.
    • The title can now be downloaded.
fun questions
Fun Questions!

What is the average length of an Audiobook 'part'?

What two pieces of information are needed to reactivate a download for a patron?

What operating systems are compatible with OverDrive Media Console?

Do your patrons need to create a new username / password to use your OverDrive Digital Library?

When your patrons use your OverDrive Digital Library, which steps require Internet access?

Digital Rights: What is 'collaborative play'?

fun answers
Fun Answers!

1 hour.

The patron's library card number and the title they want to download.

Windows 98 SE, ME, 2000, XP, Vista.

No. All you need is your valid library card number!

Internet access is needed to browse, search, check out, and download. Once the titles are on your patrons' computers, they can be enjoyed without access to the Internet.

File sharing.

promotional materials
Promotional Materials
  • We'll help you promote your site!
    • Business cards.
    • Bookmarks.
    • Brochures.
    • Shelf talkers.
    • Posters.
    • Press Releases.
    • Web link from your Home Page.
    • MARC records for your catalog.
    • Programming and events.
  • Affordable, durable, and easy-to-use portable devices by Creative Labs.
    • Provide librarians and staff with portable devices.
    • Discounted prices to fit your budget.
    • Staff can help increase interest in your digital collection by demonstrating digital media options.
    • For more information, contact OverDrive's Joe Dickinson at
join the dlr wiki
Join the DLR Wiki
  • The DLR Wiki is an online forum for the OverDrive community to share information related to the use of download digital media.
  • Topics include Collection Development, Promoting Your Digital Library, a Publisher and Content Wish list, Training Materials and Practices, and much more!
  • The Wiki is designed for collaboration, in which everyone can edit and update pages.
  • To request an invitation, email:
next steps53
Next Steps
  • Watch for our follow-up email.
  • Visit your OverDrive Digital Library. Check out and download titles.
  • Check out OverDrive's Training Resources.
  • Need help? Email us: