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How to Check out a Book - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How to Check out a Book. If you don’t know what book you are looking for:. Browse the shelves using your book mark as a place keeper. They are grouped by E books, F books, and Number Books (Dewey). Browse the Book Cart. These books have been checked out before.

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If you don t know what book you are looking for
If you don’t know what book you are looking for:

  • Browse the shelves using your book mark as a place keeper.

Browse the book cart
Browse the Book Cart

  • These books have been checked out before.

  • They are also grouped by E, F, and Number books (Dewey)

Look to find a book that is in your zpd range
Look to find a book that is in your ZPD range.

  • Pre First level—Orange

  • 1st—Blue

  • 2nd—Red

  • 3rd—Green

  • 4th—Brown

  • 5th—Yellow

  • 6th—Purple

Once you have found a book
Once you have found a book:

  • Take your book and your bookmark with your number on it to the circulation desk.

Circulation desk
Circulation Desk

  • Give the helper your bookmark and your book.

  • They will scan it and check out your book

  • You may check out 2 books.

Then what
Then what?

  • Write the name of your book, quiz number and the author’s name on your reading log.

  • Write your ZPD and the point level and number of points your book is.

Reading log
Reading Log

  • Every time that you get a book you need to write the information on your book log.

  • Have your teacher initial the log after/during reading every day.

Reading log1
Reading Log

  • Student Reading Log (1-2)

  • Name_______________________________ZPD Range____________________

  • Title

Taking an ar test
Taking an AR Test

  • Get permission from your teacher to take an AR test on a certain book.

  • Take your log, NOT your book to the computer.


Enter your User ID and Password. Click Log In or touch the Enter key.

Click take a quiz
Click Take a Quiz

Choose the type of quiz
Choose the Type of Quiz

If you are taking an AR Quiz choose Take a Reading Practice Quiz.

Find your quiz
Find Your Quiz

Enter the Quiznumber from your book log. If you did not write the number down, then enter the title or author’s last name and search the list. Click Search.

Check the facts
Check the Facts

Before clicking Yes to take the quiz make sure that you have the correct book. If it is not the correct book click No and you will go back to the Search screen. If the book is above your ZPD and has an option to turn on the recorded voice. Click On.

Take the quiz
Take the Quiz

Click Start Quiz. The quiz will begin. Choose answers by clicking on them, using the arrows to move to them, or pressing the letter of the answer. Click Next or press Enter to move to the next question.

The score summary
The Score Summary

Write your Percent and Points Earned in your reading log.

Keeping on track
Keeping on Track

The Percent of the marking period that has passed should be about the same as the % of Goal for Points Earned. If it is you are on track toward making 100% of your goal.


When you earn your Certification Goal it will show at the bottom.

How can i keep the high
How can I keep the % high?

  • Use sticky notes or a piece of paper to jot down the important facts that happened after each chapter.

  • Review this paper before you go and take a test.

  • Movies DO NOT match the test well enough for you to make 90% or better.