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OAKS Online 2009/10. Last updated: 08/20/09. OAKS Online. Objectives. Understand the role and purpose of OAKS in supporting student success and achievement.

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Oaks online 2009 10

OAKS Online2009/10

Last updated: 08/20/09

Oaks online 2009

OAKS Online


  • Understand the role and purpose of OAKS in supporting student success and achievement.

  • Use the OAKS Online Portal with confidence including the User Management System, Session Setup, Student Login, Reporting System, and the Data Archive.

Oaks online 2009

OAKS Online



  • Web Site Dedicated to OAKS Online and ELPA


  • To provide ODE, ESD, district, and school staff with access to:

    • User Management System

    • TA Interface (Test Administration)

    • OAKS Online Reporting System

    • Training Site

    • OAKS Online and ELPA news and important updates

    • Download of Secure Browsers (installation instructions and FAQs)


Oaks online 2009

OAKS Online

Dos and Dont’s


  • Online testing is mandatory for all schools. Schools must offer OAKS Online to students.

  • Students may take OAKS Online Math, Reading, and Science tests up to three times per year.

  • Individual students may use paper/pencil tests if it is specified on a student’s IEP or 504 Plan, or if the district documents that the online test is not the most appropriate assessment for the student. Determination to use paper/pencil testing is content-specific.

Oaks online 2009

OAKS Online

Dos and Dont’s (cont)


  • Users must not share their log-in information and passwords, even with other authorized users.

  • Do not approve students to test until you’re sure the students are taking the right test at the right time.

  • Do not approve a student to take the ELPA unless LEP. ELL teachers will administrate ELPA.

  • Do not let tests linger, they will expire after 45 calendar days.

Oaks online 2009

OAKS Online

Common Login System

  • Centralized login for instant access to multiple OAKS systems

    • Via OAKS portal

    • User automatically logged in to all systems (depending on security)

    • Easily navigate between OAKS systems

Oaks online 2009

OAKS Online

Student Interface Changes

Persistent strikethrough and highlighting until a test is paused

Time out due to inactivity increased to 40 minute for printed reading passages

Default is 20 minute time out otherwise.

Oaks online 2009

OAKS Online

UMS: Restrict Student Access

  • Ability to restrict a specific student from testing on content area basis (District will do this for Extended Assessment students)

    • A student’s test selection screen will indicate if they are restricted from taking a test (subject)

    • DSA, DTSA can restrict within their district

    • TT, TA, STC can restrict within their school

    • Removing a restriction follows the same rules and steps

  • Search for restricted students within a school/district

Oaks online 2009

OAKS Online

Test Administrator Interface

  • Sort by Test Grade or Test Subject

  • New Alert Messages

    • Created by ODE specifically for Test Administrators

    • TA acknowledgement is required for each alert message

Oaks online 2009

OAKS Online

Test Administrator Interface (cont)

  • Approve Students in Multiple Subjects in the Same Session

    • Multiple subjects within a session appear on the same approval screen

    • Opportunity number for each student’s test is color-coded by opportunity

Reporting enhancements
Reporting Enhancements

OAKS Online

  • Link to Participation Reports from Portal

  • Apply Filters

  • 3. New Features on a

  • Participation Report

    • Session ID

    • TA Name

    • Student Progress on a test (ex: 6/40)

Free Template from www.brainybetty.com

Oaks online 2009

OAKS Online

Reporting Enhancements (cont)

  • Text codes will appear as default:

    Codes will be same as those in Excel:

    • DN = Does Not Yet Meet

    • NM = Nearly Meets

    • M = Meets

    • E = Exceeds

  • “Donut” symbols will still be available; click [Toggle] to activate.

  • Oaks online 2009

    OAKS Online

    Class Roster

    • Exporting data:

    • Current view will be exported to Excel

    View highest overall scale score for each student (default)

    Also, now able to view all test opportunities for each student