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Ra úl M. Zamora

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Ra úl M. Zamora. Music Appreciation This content unit will explore three aspects of Music Appreciation that will enable the student to research classical composers and compose music. Email. Music Appreciation. Students will experience the following Fundamentals of Music

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Raúl M. Zamora

Music AppreciationThis content unit will explore three aspects of Music Appreciation that will enable the student to research classical composers and compose music.


music appreciation
Music Appreciation
  • Students will experience the following
  • Fundamentals of Music
  • Research Classical Composers
  • Music Composition
fundamentals of music
Fundamentals of Music


  • Basic note identification, writing notes, writing rhythms.



research classical composers
Research Classical Composers
  • Students are given a list of composers to research.
  • They will follow a guide sheet for information that is uniformed to all composers.
  • One important item is notice individual characteristics.
music composition
Music Composition

Students will view the quick tour video on the desk top.

Students will explore on their own to familiarize themselves to the Finale Composition Software.

Students will then order sheet music online and write out the requested music.

Students then modify or compose their own music.

class presentation
Class Presentation

Students will present individual compositions to class for listening enjoyment.

An example of written music Again by Janet Jackson

  • Accessing Finale for everyday use is frustrating due to the complications of the software program.
  • Believe it or not….Finale is the most used and best software program in the field.
  • Students thoroughly enjoyed the immediacy of composing and manipulating music compositions in order to hear their progress.
  • Extremely creative compositions and research projects
student data
Student Data

Students have improved scores by utilizing Finale daily that enables students comprehend fundamentals of music.

Data Analysis

Student watch tour video as a group.

Students research projects on power point or poster board

Suggested Revision

Allow students to view tour video at own pace.

All research projects on power point.

  • This is an essential unit for students to see the progression of individual learning. The process is long but the rewards is everlasting for the integration of technology.
  • Music Educators National Conference has implemented technology into the national standards.