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Preparing Today’s Students

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Preparing Today’s Students - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Preparing Today’s Students. For Tomorrow’s Careers. Career and Technical Education. Tucson Unified School District. What is Career and Technical Education ?. Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs are a series of courses that prepare students for a wide range of careers. .

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Preparing Today’s Students

For Tomorrow’s Careers

Career and Technical Education

Tucson Unified School District


What is Career and Technical Education ?

Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs are a series of courses that prepare students for a wide range of careers.


Career and Technical Education

Prepares Students For Post High School Options

4 year college

2 year college

Trade school




CTE is Critical to the Success of All Students

  • Encourages students to apply core academic and

technical skills to careers.

  • Allows students to leave high school with college credit.
  • Provides training and preparedness for industry

certification such as Microsoft Office User Specialist


  • Teaches students critical employability and leadership

skills through student clubs.


A College Prep Education is Not Enough

  • 80% of high school students plan to attend college.
  • 55% of high school graduates actually enroll in college.
  • 33% of college students drop out before their sophomore year.
  • 48% of college students drop out before graduation.

It All Adds Up

Percentage of Americans holding college degrees …

  • Bachelor's degree 27%
  • Master’s degree 6%
  • Doctorate Degree 1%

What Happens to the "Other" 66% ?

Many students experience “Career Evolution” – floundering in the workforce for 10 years after high school, then deciding to get career training.

The average age at community college is 28!


Bridge the Gap Between High School and Beyond

Complete both a rigorous academic AND Career and Technical Education program to prepare for post secondary education AND the workforce.


Success of Career and Technical Education Students

  • 99% of seniors earn a high school diploma compared to
  • 94% of non-Career and Technical Education seniors.
  • 91% are employed, in the military or enrolled in
  • postsecondary education 18 months after graduation.
  • Graduates earned significantly more than non-Career
  • and Technical Education graduates and the gap widens
  • with time.

Most New Jobs Require Career and Technical Training

  • 65% of all new jobs require some post-secondary and/or technical education.
  • 22% of all new jobs require a bachelor’s degree.
  • 30% of college graduates take jobs that don’t require a bachelor’s degree.
  • 36% of jobs are currently technical.
  • 45% of jobs will be technical in 10 years.

Meeting the Needs of Tomorrow's Workforce

  • Future workers need to be more skilled and better
  • educated and be able to create and apply sophisticated
  • new technologies.
  • The highest rewards will go to workers with knowledge
  • and skills that are relevant to the workplace.

Programs in Tucson Unified School District

  • Arts and Communications
  • Drafting Technology
  • Graphic Communications
  • Media Communications
  • Photo Imaging
  • Business Systems
  • A+ PC Maintenance & Repair
  • Accounting
  • CISCO Computer Networking
  • Computer Applications
  • Cooperative Business Experience
  • Desktop Publishing
  • Financial Services
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Engineering/Industrial Systems
  • Aircraft
  • Automotive Technology
  • Building Technology
  • Electronics/Computer Engineering
  • Machine Tool Technology
  • Welding Technology
  • Health and Human Services
  • Agriscience
  • Child Care & Development
  • Culinary Arts
  • Health Care Technology
  • Sports Medicine

Prepare For an Exciting Career Such as . .

Web Designer

Computer Networking Professional

Executive Chef

Automotive Engineer


Commercial Artist

Public Relations/Advertising Manager

and many more!


Career & Technical Education Week

“Preparing Today’s Students


Tomorrow’s Careers”

Celebrate the importance of career skills to the education and life success of America’s students.

Presentation Design by Donna Flenner

Script by Vivi Watt


For More Information …

  • Tucson Unified School District, Career and Technical

Education, (520) 225-4652.

  • Call a TUSD high school in your area.


  • Association for Career & Technical Education 1/8/2002


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Hudson Institute, Indianapolis, Indiana.

  • Arizona Department of Education, Arizona 2001 Performance Measures Summary for All Districts.
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