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Chapter 9: Animation PowerPoint Presentation
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Chapter 9: Animation

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Chapter 9: Animation
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Chapter 9: Animation

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  1. Chapter 9: Animation Maya 8 at a Glance

  2. Ways to Animate Creating Keyframes Path Animation Set Driven Keys Nonlinear Animation Expressions Simulations 2

  3. Keyframe Animation Keys record attribute changes over time The ‘Set Key’ command sets keyframes on all keyable attributes You can right-click on channels in the Channel box to keyframe specific attributes Auto Key will detect changes in attributes and automatically generate keyframes 3

  4. Path Animation Allows you to draw out a path that the object will take through the scene Commonly used for vehicles and other objects that animate using routes 4

  5. Set Driven Keys Allows you to let the motion of one object drive another Used commonly for character rigging, such as making teeth move along a jaw opening 5

  6. Nonlinear Animation Uses the Trax Editor to combine animation clips to build animation Clips can be trimmed, stretched, cycled, and blended together to create new motions Used a lot in character animation 6

  7. Expressions Mathematical equations, programming commands, and MEL commands that can precisely control an object’s motion Used in rigging and for motion that requires mathematical equations, such as a tire rotating based on the motion of a car 7

  8. Simulations Simulates physics to create motion Soft and Rigid Body dynamics let you set up initial conditions, apply forces, and then run simulations Often used for special effects 8

  9. Graph Editor Displays keyframes as curves 9

  10. Tangent Types Spline Linear Clamped Flat Stepped Plateau 10

  11. Character Animation Character sets collect all the attributes associated with a character in one place Character sets allow you to animate characters a pose at a time 11

  12. Trax Editor Trax is Maya’s nonlinear animation editor Stores animation as clips Clips can be layered, trimmed, and edited to create new sequences Animation used in Trax must be part of a character set 12

  13. Clips and Poses A clip is a collection of animation curves for a character Source clips are added to the character’s scene and are the ‘Master’ copy Regular clips are inserted under its character in the Trax editor and can be edits of the source clips A Pose is a clip that is only one frame long 13