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Boggart Vocabulary

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Boggart Vocabulary - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Boggart Vocabulary
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  1. Boggart Vocabulary Learn about some of the vivid words Susan Cooper uses in her novel, The Boggart. View the words and click on the icon to hear the pronunciation of the word and hear the sentence being read. 5th grade students DuJardin

  2. The associate amiably fixed the problem. Amiably- friendly, sociable, having good-natured personal qualities. Synonyms- flexible, social, agreeable amiably

  3. Apprehensive • Definition • to be anxious or fearful • about something • Synonyms • -alarmed • -jittery • afraid The boy was apprehensive of his shadow.

  4. Bemused Bemused means bewildered or confused. Synonyms. Absent, Inattentive, And preoccupied. The man who ordered the Do-It Yourself Robot became very bemused, because he lost the instructions, and did not know what to do.

  5. Bequest • Bequest-The act of giving or leaving personal property through a will. • Synonyms-legacy, inheritance, heritage • Sentence-Because of a large bequest from her uncle, Julia became a million dollar land-owner.

  6. Info for the word bereft bereft’s definition lacking or missing. Adj. Synonyms Robbed Bare Without bereft Example sentence; The bank was berefted yesterday at noon.

  7. Consternation Definition to be suddenly alarmed Synonyms horror alarm bewilderment At Halloween, the baby’s consternation was caused by someone scaring him.

  8. Meaning: lack of interest Synonyms: unconcerned, flippant Elizabeth dismissively listened to her teacher during history class. dismissively

  9. dourly Definition-gloomy or sad. Synonyms sad, gloomy, unpleasant, glum The man was dourly after crashing his car.

  10. fastidiously • fastidiously- hard to please, demanding • Synonyms-spoiled, picky, • Adverb • Sometimes little kids act fastidiously when it comes to eating Brussels sprouts because they are picky eaters.

  11. incongruously -not suitable or proper Synonyms: inappropriate, abnormal Sentence: The girl dressed incongruously for school when she wore street clothes instead of a uniform.

  12. Morosely • Morosely’s definition: Gloomy and depressed. (adj.) • Synonyms Moody, sulky,and glum. The man who lost his job became very morosely because he could no longer support his family and suffered foreclosure.

  13. pensive Pensive- (adj.) dreamily or wistfully thoughtful Synonyms- wistful, pondering, dreamy I was pensive when I did the complicated math problem.

  14. Precisely meaningful, forceful, and brief Adverb Synonyms-effective, significant The older boy acted pithily to the younger elementary students because he was bullying them. Pithily

  15. rueful Rueful’s definition: causing Sorrow or pity(adj.) Synonyms Deplorable mournful Sad doleful The man was rueful after losing his job.

  16. Wistfully • Wistfully-the act of wishful yearning (adjective) • Synonyms-wishfully, dreamily • Today I was wistfully thinking about finally getting a new kitty.

  17. …………………………………. Witheringly’s definition - To lose youth, to shrivel up. verb Synonyms Shrivel up Decay Fade Witheringly Example sentence; My oldest relative was all witheringly… my grandma.