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Susan Cooper’s The Boggart & CALL PowerPoint Presentation
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Susan Cooper’s The Boggart & CALL

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Susan Cooper’s The Boggart & CALL - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Susan Cooper’s The Boggart & CALL

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  1. Susan Cooper’s The Boggart& CALL By Barbara Dall & Jana Pedemonte Fall 1998 GSL 520

  2. Description of Class • Language Proficiency: High Intermediate to Advanced • Previous Computer Work: Proficiency in word processing, e-mail, web site production • Class Make-up: 20 middle school students of mixed language backgrounds • Class Goal: Final class project to synthesize year-long language and computer skills

  3. Materials • Computer Needs: • Computer for each group of students • Web production program--Front Page • Internet access • Word Processing program • Other Classroom Materials: • Books on Scotland, castles, Scottish folk tales • Scottish music on tapes, CD • Pictures, posters, food, clothing of Scotland

  4. Objectives • Language • Practice creative and factual report writing • Synthesize writing, listening, research and discussion skills • Produce process and edited written work through e-mail and web page • Use process writing (e-mails) to create class book of stories (edited writing) • Computer • Reinforce all skills taught throughout the year

  5. Procedures for Writing Activities I-III • Review e-mail tandem story writing procedures • Read directions for the writing activities • Use the buttons to complete the task • Use e-mail to complete the activity

  6. Procedure for Web Page Creation • Review computer research and web creation skills • Explore castle sites in small groups • Divide tasks within groups • Note information and sites for web pages • Build web page

  7. Activity I • Read pages 62-64 (the scene where the Boggart enters the house and eats the chocolate sauce). With your e-mail partner, write the next chapter of the story. • To listen to the story, click • To listen and read the story, click here. • To read the story by yourself, click here. • For help with vocabulary, click here

  8. Click on the loudspeaker to hear the story. Back to Activity I

  9. Activity I continued • Write a paragraph and send it to your partner • Read what your partner has written and add the next paragraph to continue the story • Continue back and forth writing the paired story until done

  10. Activity II • Listen to an excerpt from Mendelssohn’s “Fingal’s Cave” • The music store salesman tells Emily, “See if you can find the words inside it. They say ‘How lovely the sea is!’” (p. 81) • Do you agree? Write your e-mail partner with your opinion.

  11. Activity III • Emily writes to Tommy to tell him of the Boggart’s antics in Toronto. Tommy makes some suggestions about how to make the Boggart want to come home. (p. 142) • To see what a Boggart’s home could look like, visit Torosay Castle or Duart Castle, both on the Isle of Mull.

  12. Activity III continued • How would you get the Boggart home? • Write your e-mail partner with your idea. • Will your partner’s idea work? Why or why not? • Respond to your partner

  13. Activity IV • Create a castle web page • In small groups of 3-4, research information about castles. • Use the information to create a web site that highlights a part of Scottish castle life or history. • Your web page should contain factual information in paragraphs and graphics.

  14. Some Places to Start… • Ian’s Land of Castles • Castles for Kids • Castles of Scotland •

  15. Potential Problems • Difficulties in reading the text. Will need to support students in reading the original text. • Computer glitches (have books available for back up) • Finding appropriate research sites for age/language proficiency of students • Monitor small groups for cooperation and production of all students.

  16. Evaluation of Student Learning • Written texts evaluated for Vermont Writing Portfolio criteria • Web pages evaluated for appropriate content and graphics • Group work evaluated for cooperation, input of each student, and production of final project

  17. Bibliography • Cooper, Susan. The Boggart. New York: McElderry Books, 1993. • Gravatt, Christopher. Castle. New York: Knopf, 1994. • Macaulay, David. Castle. New York: Houghton Mifflin, 1977. • ----. Castle. PBS Video, 1983.

  18. Bibliography cont. • Mendelssohn, Felix. The Hebrides--Overture (Fingal’s Cave) Op. 26. Chandos Records LTD, CHAN 8379. • Platt, Richard. Stephen Biesty’s Incredible Cross-Sections. New York: Knopf, 1992. Back to beginning of slideshow