Chapter 3
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Chapter 3. By: Justin Bond and Darion Graham. Operating System. The role of an operating system is to contain instructions that coordinate all of the activities of the hardware devices in a computer.

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Chapter 3

Chapter 3

By: Justin Bond and Darion Graham

Operating system
Operating System

  • The role of an operating system is to contain instructions that coordinate all of the activities of the hardware devices in a computer.

  • The main operating systems used on today’s computers are: Windows Vista and Windows 7. You may also encounter Windows XP.


  • A user interface controls how you enter data or instructions (input) and how information is presented on the screen (output).

  • A graphical user interface or GUI combines text, graphics, and other visual cues to make software easier to use.

Software applications
Software Applications

  • The important uses of widely used software applications are:

    • As a productivity/business tool

    • Assisting with graphics and multimedia prospects

    • Supporting school and professional activities

    • Helping with home and personal activities

    • Facilitating communications

Software suites
Software Suites

  • A software suite is a collection of individual application software packages sold as a single package.

  • The most popular software suite used is Microsoft Office.

  • There are two major advantages:

    • Lower cost: Typically, buying a collection of software packages in a suite costs significantly less than purchasing the application packages separately.

    • Ease of use: The applications within a suite normally use a similar interface and have some common features.


  • A document is a piece of work created with an application and saved on a storage medium with a unique file name.

Video editing
Video Editing

  • Editing is the process of making changes to the document’s existing content.

Learning aids and support tools
Learning Aids and Support Tools

  • Help is the electronic equivalent of a user manual. It is usually integrated into an application software package.

    • Help also links to Web sites that offer Web-based Help.

  • FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) helps you find answers to common questions.

  • Tutorials are step-by-step instructions using real examples that show you how to use an application.

Different versions
Different Versions

  • People need to know when a new software comes out. Many software programs include an About or Information command on the Help menu to indicate the software version.

  • There are two general rules that can help make your work easier when working with different versions of the same software.

    • 1. An old version of a software package may not open a file created in a newer version of the software.

    • 2. Newer versions usually open files created in older versions.