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Welcome, Students!. Mrs. Robyn Shelton 8 th Grade Physical Science. Classroom Schedule. This is what a typical day will look like. This schedule WILL change upon delays and acivities !!! I will give you each a copy of Delayed Bell Schedules!. Get to Know Me. My experience.

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Welcome students

Welcome, Students!

Mrs. Robyn Shelton

8th Grade Physical Science

Classroom schedule
Classroom Schedule

This is what a typical day will look like.

This schedule WILL change upon delays and acivities!!! I will give you each a copy of Delayed Bell Schedules!

Get to know me
Get to Know Me

My experience

My background

My Bachelor’s degree is in biology with a chemistry minor. My Master’s is in Secondary Education with a concentration in biology.

I grew up in Scottsboro. I actually attended this VERY school MANY YEARS AGO!

I attended Brownwood Elementary, Page Elementary for 5th&6thgrades (NOW where the Central Office is located), Scottsboro Junior High School, & Scottsboro High School (which is NOW Collins Elementary). I have attended SEVERAL colleges – Auburn University, UAB, East Carolina University, Athens State, &The University of West Alabama!

I worked in Medical Research roughly10 years before I became a teacher!

  • I’ve been teaching for 9 years. This is my 10th year of teaching, but my first with Scottsboro City Schools. I have taught in the Jackson County School System for 9 Years!

  • My first year of teaching, I taught ALL sciences. I then taught 9th grade Biology at our BIGGEST rivalry – North Jackson – for 8 years.

My family
My Family

  • My husband works with The City of Scottsboro as a Communications Officer with Jackson County 911 and Scottsboro Police Department. His name is Wayne. He loves to exercise – running, weight equipment, etc.

  • I have a six year old daughter, Hannah Grace, that attends Caldwell Elementary. She is in the First Grade! Right now, she loves Disney Princesses (Elsa and Anna the most), Monster High, art, gymnastics and dance.

  • We live here in Scottsboro in the County Park area. I am NOT going to tell you exactly where so my yard doesn’t get rolled! Ha HaHa!

  • Currently, we have no pets. We had a cat, Smokey, that was half Siamese and half “it”. He sheddedTOO much, so we compromised with Hannah Grace and told her if we got rid of Smokey, we could put a fresh water fish tank in her room and a salt water fish tank in the playroom downstairs. It will be a “Finding Nemo” tank! Hannah Grace got fresh water fish for her birthday, but they all died in two weeks. We buried “Princess” the Red Top Ocra in the back yard. The tank was overpopulated!! We are trying to start a salt water fish tank that has the fish from “Finding Nemo” in it as well. We still have a LONG way to go! Ha HaHa!

Hobbies interests

  • Cross stitching

  • Reading just about anything – The Immortal Instruments Series (City of Bones), The Clockwork Series that goes along with the Immortal Instruments Series, Twilight Series, The Vampire Diaries, ALL Stephen King novels, mysteries… You NAME it!!!

  • Photography – I like to try to learn to take good pictures

  • Recipe collecting, cooking, canning (We put up 72 quarts of green beans, 100 ears of corn, and 34 quarts of cream corn this summer!)

  • Music – and YES… I listen to Ariana Grande, Iggy Azalea, John Legend, Snoop, Eminem, Maroon 5, Katy Perry, and other artists of the same genre! Some, but very little, country. Occasionally jazz and classical. I guess I like it all!!!

  • Watching movies


  • My email: [email protected]

  • My phone: (256) 218-2331

  • My Planning Period: 10:35 AM - 11:36 AM

  • Class web site: Visit the SJHS website, click on School Staff, and then click on my name – Robyn Shelton

  • Remind Texts

    • App: Download the app on your phone, and then subscribe to @sjhs8t

    • SMS/Text: Text (256) 405-0950 and type in message area @sjhs8t

    • Email: Send a new email message to [email protected]

Class goals
Class Goals

PLEASE REMEMBER… This is my first year teaching Physical Science and 8th grade! Be patient with an old woman… This IS the year of my 40th birthday! Ha HaHa!!

I want us to learn physical science and to be prepared for high school WHILE having a little fun! We can have as much fun as you will allow us to! I can be as nice as you will let me be or as mean as you make me be!! Ask my hubby or my daughter… The mean AIN’T FUN!!!

  • Learn new skills

  • Discover new interests

  • Make new friends

  • Have fun and support each other

Classroom community
Classroom Community

  • Our classroom rules help us get along with each other:

    • Be respectful and responsible.

    • Be organized and follow directions.

    • Be on time.

    • Be prepared.

    • DO NOT DEFACE ANYTHING IN MY ROOM!!! My family and I worked TWO FULL WEEKS trying to make this room fun and inviting! If you try to ruin it for others, there WILL BE DIRE CONSEQUENCES!!!

Class subject
Class Subject

  • Our class will be primarily be dealing with physical science concepts.

  • Several assignments will also span other subjects, such as math, reading, and writing. There will be times that history will be incorporated as well.

  • Physical science covers chemistry and physics.


  • Will be assigned throughout the week, but not necessarily every night.

  • I will try my best not to assign homework on Friday night or over holidays.

  • No Homework Sheets – If you forgot to do your homework or did not bring it, FILL THIS FORM OUT!!! Mom and Dad will not know about this unless they come for a conference about your grades!! REMEMBER… I grade your homework. I WILL KNOW if you DO NOT fill this form out!!! There WILL BE A PENALTY if you do not fill this form out!


  • Your class starts at a SPECIFIC time!!!

  • If you are in the door by the time the bell rings, I will NOT count you tardy!

  • You should be in your seat and working on your Bell Ringer by the time the bell rings. If there is a problem getting to my class, please discuss it with me. We may be able to work something out!

  • If you are tardy three times, there will be consequences!


Bring these items each day

DO NOT bring these items

Cell Phone (Unless otherwise instructed)


Food and Drinks

Grooming Items

  • #2 Pencil (ALWAYS on test day)/Pen

  • 3-Ring Notebook with Dividers

  • Textbook

  • Loose-leaf Paper

  • Red Pen

  • Composition Notebook (FOR LABS)

  • iPads, Tablets, etc. for note-taking/web searches

Let s have a great year
Let’s Have aGreat Year!