maria torres 2 nd period mrs rhine n.
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8 th grade math chart.,! PowerPoint Presentation
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8 th grade math chart.,!

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8 th grade math chart.,! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Maria Torres 2 nd period Mrs. Rhine. 8 th grade math chart.,!. Perimeter.,!. Distance around a two-dimensional shape. Square p=4s Rectangle p=2L+2W or p=2(L+W) An easier way to find the perimeter is add up all the sides. Circumference.,!.

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  • Distance around a two-dimensional shape.
  • Square p=4s
  • Rectangle p=2L+2W or p=2(L+W)
  • An easier way to find the perimeter is add up all the sides.
  • The distance around the edge of a circle(or any curvy shape)
  • C=2*3.14*r
  • The size of a surface.
  • The amount of space inside a boundary of a flat(2-demensional) object such as triangle or circle.
  • A=s2(square)
  • A=lw or A=Bh(rectangular)
  • A=1/2(b1+b2)h or A=Bh/2(triangle)
  • A=(b1+b2)h/2(trapezoid)
  • A=pi*r2(circle)
surface area
Surface area.,!
  • You can find the surface area in the total way or the lateral way and the equations are…....
  • Prism(total) s=ph+2B (lateral)S=Ph
  • And so on.
surface area1
Surface area
  • Cube(total) S=6s2
  • Prism(lateral) S=Ph (total)S=Ph
  • Pyramid(lateral)s=1/2Pl (total)S=1/2Pl+B
  • Cylinder(lateral)S= 2 rh (total)S=2 r(h+r)
  • Prism v=Bh
  • Cylinder V=Bh
  • Pyramid V=1/3 Bh
  • Cone V=1/3Bh
  • Sphere V=4/3 r3.
  • The amount of 3-dimensional space an object occupies by an object, Capacity.
  • =3.14 or = 22/7
  • Pi means that you use it when it indicates you to use it. Like when you use it to find formulas for a circle .
3 dimensional shapes
3 dimensional shapes,.!
  • Shapes that have a lot of sides and that you can measure every side.
2 dimensional shape
2 dimensional shape.,!
  • Shape that is flat you can only see the front and can only measure the front.
  • Numbers that are like fractions cause there divided in two with a symbol in the middle dividing the numbers.
  • Ex: 5/4 ratio
  • Steps to a equation from the beginning so you can get it right.
big p
Big P.,!
  • The big P represents the perimeter of the base of a 3-dimensional figure.
big b
Big B.,!
  • Big B represents the area of the base of a 3-dimentional shape.
pythagorean theorem
Pythagorean theorem
  • You find Pythagorean theorem by using this equation a2+b2=c2
  • The definition of this is to modified to apply outside its original domain.
simple interest formula
simple interest formula
  • You find the simple interest formula with this equation I=prt.
Word problemperimeter
  • Square

There's a box that they want to measure the perimeter the side lengths are 7ft. find the perimeter?

answer: 28ft


This rectangle measures 5in of whith and 7in of length they want to find the perimeter. What is the perimeter?

Answer: 39in

word problem
word problem.,!
  • if Valeria is going to pack Styrofoam in a rectangular prism and the length is 20,the width is 10,and the height is 15.what is the volume?
  • A. 3000
  • B.2050
  • C.100
  • D. not In the choices above.