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  1. Dogs By Tiana February

  2. Table of Contents Introduction p.1 • Different Dogs p.2 • Training p.5 • Food p.7 • Jobs p.9 Conclusion p.10 Glossary p.11 Recourses p.12

  3. Introduction Have you ever heard the words ,”A mans best friend?” I bet you have. A mans best friend means a dogs and it’s owner are the best of friends. Imagine a young puppy ( a baby dog) and it’s sisters and brothers . The puppies are running around the yard with their owner wagging their little tails with excitement. Dogs can be quite a handful. So I hope you stick around so I can tell you more about dogs and puppies and how to train them. This is a puppy and his owners . 1

  4. Do you know what a k-nine is? I hope you do, if you don’t then I will tell you. A k-nine is another word for dog. K-nines is plural. Plural [ploor-uhl] means more than one. These are k-nines K-nines 2

  5. Do you know what mutt means? If you don’t, mutt means a mix of dog breeds. For example, let’s say a terrier is mixed with Boston terrier, and a blood hound. So mutt means a mix of breeds. Remember a mutt is a dog mixed with other dog breeds. It can be the dogs family is mixed with other dog breeds too. • These are mutts. Mutts 3

  6. Did you know that there is at least a thousand breeds ( different dogs) of dogs all around the world? Well, it’s true. There are more breeds than you can count. Trust me, I tried. There are poodles, retrievers, Alaskan huskies, chihuahuas, and so many more! Let’s imagine Alaskan huskies pulling a sled in a big sled race, speeding across the snow. Poodles in a dog show in their lovely dresses that are bright blue and pink with purple rhinestones. To compare the two dogs, both dogs are athletic . Both dogs are unique and special in there own way. Breeds This dog is mixed with different breeds. 4

  7. Chapter 2: Training Commands Do you have a dog that’s really disobedient( refuse to obey). Well, why are you just sitting there when you can teach you’re dog some commands. There are a lot of commands you can try. Like sit, heal-heal means to stop or slow down- stay, lie down, and more. If you practice the commands with you’re dog(or dogs) they will be really obedient. Obedient means willing to obey. To you and other people too. It might help with their behavior. 5 This dog is disobedient. This dog is obedient.

  8. Rules Do you have a dog that wets the carpet, chews on stuff, ripping things, or biting people? Well, you, yes you need to teach you’re dog some the right thing and manners( a way of acting). Teach you’re dog the rules in the house. If you’re dog wets the floor don’t rub their nose in it, point to it and say “ Bad dog”,. That way they will know not to do it again and use it outside. It they bite someone don’t beat them. All you have to do is say stop. And if they don’t stop just pick them up and say “ bad dog “. You may need to put in a cage or outside. These are good dogs. 6

  9. Chapter 3: Food Good for Dogs Dogs have current things they can eat. There are a few things they can eat. Big dogs can eat dog food, of course. Puppies eat special puppy chow. Puppy chow is smashed or grinded meat, a special kind of meat. Dog treats is another thing dogs are allowed to eat. This is dog food. This is good for dogs. 7

  10. Bad for Dogs Dogs aren’t allowed to eat junk. Such as cookies, candy, and more. Some kids feed there dogs candy. I hope you don’t feed you’re dogs junk food. If you do, please do not do it again. You could kill them that way. Food with toxic can kill them. Do not give them chocolate o onions. This is bad for dogs. 8

  11. Chapter 4 : Jobs Did you know that dogs had jobs? I know, it’s impressive. It’s true though. Dogs have jobs as circus dogs, dogs also lead blind people, and so many more! Like police dogs, hospital dogs, library dogs. There is a lot of jobs dogs can do. Do you have a dog that has a job? If you do, that is so cool. This is a library dog. 9

  12. Conclusion This dog is having a party. Therefore dogs can be quite a handful, and really good friends. Dogs are special in many different ways. Aren’t you amazed that dogs have jobs? So am I. So now you know how to take care of dogs, feed them, and the jobs some dogs have. Did you know that dogs have little cousins under there paws? Well the cousins under the paw help dog walk. If you what to learn more about dogs look them up. Now I have to go, my dogs are yelping. 10

  13. Glossary Breeds- different dogs. Disobedient- refuse to obey. Grinded- to smash. Heal- to stop or slow down. Manners- a way of acting. Mutts- a mix of breeds. Obedient- willing to obey. Plural- more than one. Puppy chow- special meat. Puppy- a baby dog. Toxic- a poison. Yelping- giving a sharp cry 11

  14. References • Hansen, Ann. Dogs. Minnesota: Abdo & Daughters, 1997. • Kelly, Diane. Dogs. Chicago: Kidsbooks, 2012 • Selsam, Millicent. How Puppies Grow. New York: Scholastic, 1971. • Schwartz, Heather. Morkie. Michigan: Capstone Press, 2011. • Miller, Margaret, My Puppy Is Born. New York: William Morrow & Company, 1973. • Aladdin books. Pets. New York: Macmillan Publishing Company ,1991. • Marquardt, Max. Working Dogs, Wisconsin: Raintree Publishers, 1989. 12