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Introduction to Islam PowerPoint Presentation
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Introduction to Islam

Introduction to Islam

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Introduction to Islam

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  1. Introduction to Islam

  2. ISLAM • Islam is the name of the religion. • SILM or SALAM….meaning peace • complete submission to one God and living in peace with the creator, with yourself and with the environment • fastest growing religion in the world • a complete way of life

  3. ALLAH “God” • Muslims believe that there is only one God. • 99 names • Christians, Jews and Muslims worship the same God.

  4. The Prophet Muhammad • Muhammad (PBUH) is the last prophet for all mankind • born in 570 CE in Mecca, Arabia • He was entrusted with the Message of Islam at the age of 40 over multiple years • Received it from the Angel Gabriel • The revelation was revealed in the Quran • the message is called Islam • Islam is for all mankind • Similar to…..?

  5. Source of Islam • The teachings of Islam are found in the Quran • Sharia is the codification of traditional Islamic law

  6. The Holy Quran • exact word of Allah “God”. • The record of the exact word revealed by Allah “God” and it has been translated into more than 80 languages. • Memorized by the prophet Muhammad and many of his companions. • Revealed over a period of 23 years. • Millions of Muslims memorize the Quran by heart. • madrassas

  7. MUSLIMS • Muslims come from ALL parts of the world • The population more than 1.2 billion. • In the United States : 7 million Muslims. • There are two major sects of Islam • Sunni (founded by Abu Bakr…father-in-law) • Shi’ite (founded by Ali ….cousin and son-in-law. • Wahabbism • Sufism

  8. Introduction to Islam Indian sub-continent 300 Million Africa 200 Million Arab countries 180 Million Southeast Asia 170 Million Iran 50 Million Central Asia 50 Million China 50 Million Turkey 50 Million Europe 20 Million North America 7 Million South America 3 Million Australia 1 Million

  9. Source: Kosmin, Barry & Seymour Lachman. One Nation Under God: Religion in Contemporary American Society; Harmony Books: New York (1993), pg. 88-93.

  10. The Five Pillars of Islam • Declaration of Faith • Prayer • Fasting • Alms • Pilgrimage

  11. The Five Pillars of Islam • Declaration of Faith • “There is no God but Allah “God” and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah “God”

  12. The Five Pillars of Islam • Prayers • Five Obligatory prayers each day. • Direct link between the Muslim and Allah “God”. • Islam has no hierarchical authority or priesthood. • Caliphs (political) • Imams (religious)

  13. Introduction to Islam Prophet’s Mosque Medina

  14. Jerusalem

  15. The Five Pillars of Islam • Fasting • Fasting is a total abstinence from food and drinks • The whole month of Ramadan which is the 9th month of their lunar calendar. (July 20th 2012) • Starts from dawn to sunset during the entire month of Ramadan.

  16. The Five Pillars of Islam • Alms • It is a mandatory charity (2.5% of net worth) • It is one of the most important principles of Islam.

  17. The Five Pillars of IslamPilgrimage - Hajj • Pilgrimage to Mecca • It is required once in a lifetime for those who have the means (physical and financial). • Every year more than 2.5 Million Muslims perform this pilgrimage.

  18. Kabba“House of God” Mecca

  19. The Six Articles of Faith • Belief in One God • Belief in Angels • Belief in ALL the prophets • Belief in ALL the books revealed by God • Belief in the Day of Judgment • Predestination

  20. Some More Principles of Islam • Oneness of Mankind • All people are created Equal • Innocence of Man at Birth • Prescribes moderation • State and Religion • Islam is the complete way of life • State and Religion are not separate in an Islamic State • No Idols or images

  21. Islam And Other Religions • Islam respects other beliefs like Christianity, Judaism • The Quran advocates dealing justly with the non Muslims. • Prophet Muhammad emphasized protection of the people of the Book in the Muslim Community

  22. Jihad in Islam • Means to Struggle or strive • Levels of Jihad • Struggle to improve yourself • Struggle against evil in the society • Struggle in battlefield • Valid reasons for Jihad in the battlefield • Self Defense • To remove human tyranny,oppression and persecution

  23. ETIQUETTE OF JIHAD • Seek your protection. • Give Peace a Chance Before Battle Starts • Respect All Treaties • Declaration of War when attacked • Spare those who are not fighting against you • Women • Children • Old men • Religious persons

  24. Jihad in Islam • Prohibited from … • Killing Animals • Destroying Farms • Destroying Infrastructure • Never Kill the Innocent or Injured • Never hurt the Prisoners of War • This was created in 7th Century long before the Geneva Convention • Prisoners of War given very good treatment • Never Mutilate the bodies • Allow the dead to be buried in dignity

  25. Islam and Terrorism • Islam does not support terrorism under any circumstances • Terrorism goes against every principle of Islam • If a Muslim engages in terrorism s/he is not following Islam

  26. Government buildings in Turkey lower their flags to half mast. Jordanian women sign condolences at the US Embassy in Amman. Lebanese General signs condolences at the US Embassy in Beirut. Schoolgirls in Palestine pray in a moment of silence.

  27. Islam And Women • Why do some women in the contemporary Middle East argue that Western-style feminism is not necessary because women’s rights can be maintained through Islam?? • Highest respect to women in the society. • According to the Koran, they are entitled to education, owning businesses, inheritance, work and many other rights including the right to vote

  28. Are these women free?

  29. Islam And the Veil • Dress Modestly • The Islamic rules for modest dress apply to women and men equally. • Muslim women cover their heads using scarves called “the Hijab” • Arabic/Middle Eastern tradition found in many cultures and religions • Ex. the Virgin Mary used to wear head cover and modest clothes • How can the veil be seen as liberating • video

  30. Honor Killing and how the act goes against Islamic principles • Definition: an ancient tradition where a male member of the family kills a female relative for tarnishing the family image • Began in pre-Islamic societies • Much like other practices • cloistering, veiling • Appears in many communities in the Middle East and South Asia • Growing issue in western nations • Many are trying to stop the practice within and outside of the communities • video