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Animal Farm

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Animal Farm
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  1. Animal Farm By: George Orwell Courtney Cary High School Junior British Literature Click the Windmill to begin!!

  2. Click a character name or picture to learn more about the characters of Animal Farm!! QuizTime Boxer Moses Mr. JonesJones Squealer Clover Napoleon Old Major Benjamin Snowball

  3. Boxer • He is the most loyal and hardworking character on the farm. • Trusts that what the pigs are doing is right and good. • The pigs often take advantage of him. • Once he is older, the pigs sell him to a glue factory to get money and for him to die. Click to go home

  4. Napoleon • He is the ring leader of the pigs. • He ends up being worse than Mr. Jones before the rebellion. • He makes Old Major’s speech into an ideology, but change it later on to benefit the pigs. • Thinks the pigs are smarter than the other animals.

  5. Snowball • Helps the rest of the farm with the rebellion and the set up of the commandments. • Wants to stir rebellion in other local farms and wants Animal Farm to make a windmill because it’ll make progress on the farm. • Is chased off Animal Farm by Napoleon’s dogs and becomes a scapegoat to any problems that arise on the farmafter he is gone.

  6. Mr. Jones • He’s the original farmer of Manor farm. • He often treats the animals cruelly before the animals kick him out of the farm. • Is portrayed in a bad light because he is lazy, a drunkard, and isn’t nice to the animals. Click to go home

  7. Clover • Boxer’s loving companion. • She often doubts what the pigs say, unlike Boxer. But she is still very loyal. • She goes along with the pigs but she is suspicious when things seem different with the commandments. Click to go home

  8. Benjamin • The oldest and wisest character on the farm. • Boxer’s best friend. • Doesn’t really talk that much but when he does, it is usually a sarcastic comment. • Tries to stop from Boxer being taken away in the glue truck, but he fails. • He feels that it is his fault Boxer got sent away and he could have stopped the pigs in the beginning of the story. Click to go home

  9. Moses • Pretty much contradicts what the pigs are teaching the rest of the farm. • Tells of a magical place called “Sugarcandy Mountain” that gives the animals hope that when they can’t provide labor back to the farm, they can rest. • Doesn’t do any work on the farm but did help with the rebellion against Mr. Jones. Click to go home

  10. Squealer • Napoleon’s sort of second hand man. • Is very good with language and is the one pig that wrote the commandments on the barn. • Often changes his word choice about the commandments to benefit the pig’s lifestyle. • Is the pig that spreads propaganda about the farm to make life seem better. Click to go home

  11. Old Major • He is an old purebred pig on the farm that inspires the animal rebellion. • He gives a speech in the beginning of the story about how they, the animals, are oppressed. He dies days after the speech. • Had all of the Manor Farm Animals singing “The Beasts of England” the night of his speech to unite the farm. • His ideology is painted up on the side of the barn by the pigs. Click to go home

  12. Test Your Knowledge!!! • Who was it that introduced the “Beasts of England Song”? Squealer Napoleon Old Major

  13. Sorry….but nice try! Squealer was Napoleon’s propaganda pig and did not introduce “The Beasts of England” to the farm. Try Another Answer

  14. Almost! Napoleon is the leader of the Animal Farm that is just as oppressive as the farmer, Mr. Jones. He does not introduce the animals to the song “The Beasts of England.” Try again

  15. You did it! Congratulations! Old Major is the animal on the farm that introduced the song “The Beasts of England”to the animals. The song helped unite them to rebel against the oppressive farmer, Mr. Jones. Click picture or windmill to continue

  16. Nice Job! • You’ve learned all about the Animal Farm characters!!! Click the picture to begin again.