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Information PowerPoint

Information PowerPoint

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Information PowerPoint

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  1. Information PowerPoint

  2. So silent and mysterious it has to be explained about it’s history It started when a person named Scott got a video camera and wanted to make a video. His first video was outrageously randomized to watch. It was hilarious. Then Scott got into design and animation. One day when Scott went over to his friend’s house and together they sparred (hand to hand) (weapon to weapon), he got many ideas of videos. They started appearing on Samurai Jutsu Productions. Then the name sounded kind of lame, so Scott decided he needed to come up with a new name. This new name is Silent Water Productions.

  3. Video and Animation Overview The videos of SJP were all video game or comedy related videos. SWP is going to create animation videos, comedy, action, romance and many other genres. Many of which may be in MVS (music videos). Koal’s Tribute

  4. What is the SWA crew’s favorite drink? GREEN TEA. Why? After training during weekends, the SWP crew likes to take quick break and drink green tea because it is good and it refreshes your soul. Whether it is hand-made, bought in a bottle, or served in a delicious green tea frappucino at Starbucks, it is always good.

  5. SWP CREW The crew is really small, but it may grow over time. Most of the members are from Samurai Jutsu Productions and other production titles, such as Adventure Productions and the Green Tea Studios. Scott likes Wong Fu here are the Rock, Paper, Scissors shorts.

  6. DESIGNS Mostly made by: Scott Some designs are for humor, but some are serious as Scott creates ads for SWA and other people who want designs.

  7. Designs Part 2 Scott likes animations!

  8. Future Layouts The future layouts will have more design in them and more animations and pictures, now is just the beginning.

  9. A goodbye from Silent Water from now Scott likes video games and anime. =) Wesley Chan- Desktop Fun WONG FU