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Warm-up #18. Create a bubble map showing the effects of the Black Death in Europe?. Effects of the Black Death. Religious People question the church and its power decreases New religious sects form. Political * The Feudal system

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Warm up 18
Warm-up #18

  • Create a bubble map showing the effects of the Black Death in Europe?

Effects of the black death
Effects of the Black Death

  • Religious

  • People question the church and its power decreases

  • New religious sects form


* The Feudal system

declines because peasants can demand better treatment and wages.

  • Economic

  • The Manor system declines as peasants moved from the country to the towns.

  • Greater value was placed on labor

  • Prices and Wages rose

  • Farming land was given over to pasturing, which was much less labor-intensive

  • This change in farming led to a boost in the cloth industry

  • Social

  • Villages are abandoned

  • Minorities, mostly Jews, were blamed for the disease. They faced violence, discrimination, and exile.

25 million people die (about 30% of Europe's population).

Reconquista 1 000 1492 ad
Reconquista1,000-1492 AD

  • Vocab:

    • Reconquista

    • Moors

    • Ferdinand & Isabella

    • Spanish Inquisition

  • Events in Spain:

  • Results:








Reconquista event sort
Reconquista Event Sort

  • Take 2 minutes to preview pages 283-285 of your book. Close your book.

  • Based on what you saw, put the following events in chronological order.

  • Match the events to the corresponding dates.

  • When we correct create your own timeline in your notebook.

Reconquistia 1 000 1492 ad
Reconquistia1,000-1492 AD

  • 700s-1,000s

  • Muslims control most of Iberian Peninsula.

  • Great time of scholarship.

  • Some Christian kingdoms try to retake Spain.

  • 1,100s

  • Muslim unity begins to weaken

  • Christians begin to question church teachings


Castile won victory against the Moors and inspired other Christian kingdoms to fight.

1140 Portugal becomes an independent nation


Reconquista was declared a success. Most of the Iberian Peninsula, except Granada, was under Christian control.


Ferdinand and Isabella become king and queen of their countries and unify all of Spain.

  • 1492

  • Ferdinand and Isabella conquer Granada

  • Jews must convert or leave.

  • Inquisition

  • Columbus

Effects of the reconquista
Effects of the Reconquista

  • It created “Fueros”, which were charters granted to Christian peasants to escape the feudal system by establishing settlements in areas abandoned by the Muslims.  This was an attempt to repopulate Iberia with Christians, but would lay the foundations for the charters given to settlers in the Americas.

  • It was an inspiration for the Crusading culture that arose in Europe.  Pope Urban II even called on Knights fighting on the Iberian peninsula to stay there, rather than joining the march to the Holy Lands, because their cause was just as important.

  • The culture of religious warfare also led to the expulsion of the Jews and Muslims living in the Iberian peninsula. This established Catholicism as the dominant religion in Iberia. Spanish Inquisition kills over 2,000 heretics.

  • It shaped the Spanish culture of Christianizing other cultures that would become important in the colonization of the Americas.

  • The Reconquista led directly into the voyage of Columbus.  Ferdinand and Isabella sponsored Columbus’ voyage in part as a celebration of their victory over the Muslims in Granada, the last Muslim emirate in Iberia.


  • Read Chapter 10.5

    • Finish results and timeline on Reconquesta page ME 34

  • Chapter 10.5 Assessment #s 1b, 2a, 2b, 2c & 3.

    ME 35