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Digital Photography PowerPoint Presentation
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Digital Photography

Digital Photography

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Digital Photography

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  1. Digital Photography By: Andrew Leach

  2. What are the different types of camera angles? The different types of camera angles are as follows: -Eye-level -High angle -Low angle -Bird’s eye -Slanted

  3. List 7 different camera shots. EWS (extreme wide shot) VWS (very wide shot) WS (wide shot) MS (mid shot) MCU (medium close up) CU (close up) ECU (extreme close up)

  4. What is the rule of thirds? • The rule of thirds divide the frame into 9 sections. The points/lines of interest should be at 1/3 or 2/3 across the frame rather than in the center.

  5. Discuss three different types of photography. What is your favorite? Three different types of photography are Underwater which is any type of photograph taken underwater, Paranormal which are pictures of ghosts and other unexplained phenomena, and night which is any technique used to take photographs at night. My favorite type of photography is night because I love the night sky and how beautiful the stars and moon look.

  6. What are the six components of the camera? The six components of the camera are body, lens, aperture, shutter, viewfinder and transport.

  7. What are the five types of cameras? The five types of cameras are SLR (single lens reflex), view finder/range finder, twin reflex, view and pinhole.

  8. Why should you be clear about the subject? • You should be clear about the subject so you can be aware of what you are trying to capture in order to best compose the photograph. EX:

  9. Why do you compose the entire frame, not just the subject? • You compose the entire frame and not just the subject because excess objects in the photo can be awkward and mess up the photo so you make the background clear of any obstructions to not distract from the subject.

  10. Why use different camera angles? • When you take photographs you use different camera angles because dramatic effect and impact can be added to the photo if taken in an unusual angle.

  11. Why should you strive for balance? • You should strive for balance because photos could be ruined or be poorly taken if it lacks balance such as having to much light and lacking contrast.

  12. Why use lines when composing your compositions? • When composing your compositions you should use lines because they can lead to the main character of interest or add emphasis to your photograph.