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Digital Photography PowerPoint Presentation
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Digital Photography

Digital Photography

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Digital Photography

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  1. Digital Photography

  2. Objectives After completing this class, you will be able to: Explain the benefits, features, and workings of a digital camera. Explain how digital images can be managed and edited. Identify the features of different types of printers that are available for printing photos.

  3. Introduction to Digital Cameras • No film needed • Uses storage device, like memory card • Can transfer images to computer using USB cable • Can print images using a photo printer • Can share images over the Internet

  4. Digital Cameras Screen for viewing pictures Resolution or pixel depth is important – higher number of pixels, the better the picture quality Types of cameras: Point and shoot Semiprofessional SLR (or professional)

  5. Point and Shoot Cameras Adjust settings, like focus and exposure, automatically. Most have resolution ranging between 2-4 mega pixels (or 2 - 4 million pixels) More affordable than other types.

  6. Semiprofessional Cameras More expensive than point and shoot More control over picture taking process Can manually adjust some settings Resolution usually ranges between 4-6 mega pixels

  7. Professional cameras Even more expensive Designed for professional photographers High resolution Fast-focusing lenses Ability to take large number of pictures at high speed

  8. Photo Management Transfer pictures to computer using a USB cable Sort & organize your pictures using photo management software Some software allows you to compress & fine tune pictures Examples: Microsoft Digital Image 2006, Picasa

  9. Basic Photo Editing You can improve appearance of pictures by: Adjusting brightness Adjusting contrast Adjusting color Crop Resize Image courtesy of Prairie Kittin via Flickr

  10. Advanced Photo Editing Enhance and add special effects to pictures Remove blemishes, red-eye Change backgrounds Add text

  11. Photo Printing Types of personal photo printers: Black and white or color printers Color inkjet printers Dye sublimation printers

  12. Photo printing Types of professional photo printers: Used in print labs Use special imaging devices to expose regular photo paper True-photographic quality

  13. Questions