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Digital Photography

Digital Photography. Prof. Vaccaro Hofstra University. Today’s class roadmap. Review Assignment No. 1 (editorial plan ) Rundown of students to make sure you’re all listed on the class blog roll Lecture on Digital photography Go over Assignment No. 2. Digital Photography.

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Digital Photography

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  1. Digital Photography Prof. Vaccaro Hofstra University

  2. Today’s class roadmap • Review Assignment No. 1 (editorial plan) • Rundown of students to make sure you’re all listed on the class blog roll • Lecture on Digital photography • Go over Assignment No. 2

  3. Digital Photography • Digital allows as many photos as your memory card can handle, often hundreds • Ability to analyze photos immediately • Smartphones and laptops allow for immediate uploads • Camera types • Point and shoot • Digital SLR: Single Lens Reflex • Smartphone

  4. Digital Photo Basics • Read the manual and understand you’re tool • Repetition is key to improvement • Hold the camera steady and with proper form • Get close to the action, don’t be afraid to get what you need, when you need it • Think about your audience and how they will react to your photos

  5. More on Digital Photos • Think about the big shot, the front page • Think about photo galleries, images for video or shots that can be used in the future • Don’t forget your deadline and shipping photos to your editor as fast as possible • Ethics: Do not misrepresent a photo, add a dimension or delete anything (cropping is fine for the most part)… unethical journalism is very common with digital photography and unacceptable • Record ALL necessary info for captions

  6. More on Digital Photos • Go where the other photographers aren’t • Don’t forget all equipment: tri-pod, batteries, extra memory cards, etc. • Act natural and move around • Be aware of the background • Keep the light behind you • Editing: iPhoto, Photoshop, basic cropping and lighting all work

  7. Mobile photography • Think mobile first in a pinch • Have the proper apps downloaded for editing, for uploading, etc. • How can you utilize Instagram with journalism? • Keep stabilization in mind … could be very blurry

  8. Smart phone accessories Glif … $20 Tripod … $15

  9. Smart phone accessories Owle Bubo … $175 Fish eye lens … $5

  10. Camera apps for iPhone • Adobe Photoshop Express … for editing (although phones and apps now have their own internal editing) • Drop Box … for storage/uploading • Instagram/Hipstamatic … for social features/lens • Flickr … upload/storage • Pic stitch … photo collage • Pro HDR … for photo design/effects

  11. Ethics • Changing photos is unethical • Editing color can be borderline unethical • Taking photos from another site is unethical • Known your boundaries … your rights … i.e. Phil Datz situation

  12. Photo Examples • NY Times Lens Blog: http://lens.blogs.nytimes.com/ • Newsday.com • ESPN.com • Huffington Post, Sports Illustrated and more …

  13. Video Lectures • Let’s watch a couple of videos about photojournalism techniques and tips • Take notes on your blog and be prepared to talk about one or two key points from each later in class • VIDEO 1 • VIDEO 2

  14. Assignment No. 2 • DUE: NEXT CLASS • Photo gallery of an event on campus (Off-campus if you prefer … check with me) • Use Flickr; register for a login ID, then upload photos to create a gallery • Take 10 photos and write caption for each • Using either your phone or a camera • Write graph explaining the image gallery and a headline “Assignment No. 2: Photo gallery” on your blog and post the link, then tweet it out using #HUJrnl10 and @ChrisVaccaro

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