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Functional Job Analysis

Functional Job Analysis. Looks at Worker Specifications Including:. Training Time Worker Functions. Worker Functions. Orientation Level . Data People Things. Training Time. General Educational Development

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Functional Job Analysis

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  1. Functional Job Analysis Looks at Worker Specifications Including: Training Time Worker Functions

  2. Worker Functions Orientation Level Data People Things

  3. Training Time • General Educational Development • Specific Vocational Training

  4. Functional Job Analysis • Training Time • General Educational Development (GED) • Some elementary school • elementary school • high school • high school and some college • College • College required • Specific Vocational Preparation (SVP) • short demonstration only • anything beyond short demonstration and up to and including 30 days • Over 30 days, up to and including 3 months • Over 3 months, up to and including 6 months • Over 6 months, up to and including 1 year • Over 1 year, up to and including 2 years • Over 2 years, up to and including 4 years • Over 4 years, up to and including 10 years • Over 10 years • Work Functions • Level (U.S. Department of Labor System) DataPeopleThings 0 Synthesizing 0 Mentoring 0 Setting up 1 Coordinating 1 Negotiating 1 Precision working 2 Analyzing 2 Instructing 2 Operating, controlling 3 Compiling 3 Supervising 3 Driving, operating 4 Computing 4 Diverting 4 Manipulating 5 Copying 5 Persuading 5 Tending 6 Comparing 6 Speaking, signaling 6 Feeding, offbearing 7 Serving 7 Handling 8 Taking instructions, helping • Orientation (degree of involvement) % data + people + % things = 100%

  5. Functional Analysis Of Two Jobs Carpenter Brokerage Office Manager Training Time GED4(High School5 (College) Or Some College) SVP7(2-4 Years) 8(4-10 Years) Worker Functions Data Orientation30%35% Level 2 (Analyzing) 1(Coordinating) People Orientation10% 60% Level8(Taking instructions) 1 (Negotiating) Things Orientation60% 5% Level 1(Precision Working) 7(Handling)

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