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Lesson 11

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Lesson 11. The Midnight Visitor. Introduction to the text. Plot : Ausable appears helpless, but he gets rid of his deadly enemy without lifting a finger. Setting : a French hotel room Protagonists : Ausable, Fowler, Max and a waiter. Structure of the text.

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lesson 11

Lesson 11

The Midnight Visitor

introduction to the text
Introduction to the text
  • Plot: Ausable appears helpless, but he gets rid of his deadly enemy without lifting a finger.
  • Setting: a French hotel room
  • Protagonists: Ausable, Fowler, Max and a waiter
structure of the text
Structure of the text
  • Part 1 (paras.1-5 ) about:Who Ausable is. & why Fowler wants to see him.
  • Part 2 (paras. 6-16 ) about:The unexpected visit of Ausable’s adversary Max.
  • Part 3 (paras.17-26 ) about:How Ausable outwits Max and makes him jump on the “balcony”.
language study
Language study
  • 1. blink:v. to shut and open the eyes quickly
  • blink at sb.
  • blink one’s eyes
  • blink away one’s tears: to try to hide tears by
  • blinking
  • blink the fact that…: to refuse to consider; ignore
  • Why are you blinking at me constantly?
  • The little girl blinked away her tears, and
  • stood up quickly.
2 command
2. command
  • Examples:
  • The officer commanded his men to fire.
  • The officer commanded that his men (should) fire.
  • You’d better learn to command yourself/ your temper.
3 confounded
3. confounded
  • adj.a. damned; used to show you are annoyed
  • b. confused
  • Examples:
  • You’re a confounded nuisance.
  • A group of confounded customers surrounded the counter.
4 disillusioned
4. disillusioned
  • adj. feeling disappointed and unhappy
  • because sb./sth. is not as good as you thought
  • disillusioned with sb./sth.
  • Examples:
  • Disillusioned Susan decided to forget the man she had loved for many years.
  • He was disillusioned with life in many aspects.
5 stiffly adv without being able to move one s body
5. stiffly adv. without being able to move one’s body
  • Example:
  • The old man bent down stiffly.
  • stiffadj.a. difficult to bend; rigid; not flexible
  • b. thick and hard to stir
  • c. hard; difficult
  • d. severe; tough
  • e. (of a price) too high
  • f. (of a breeze) blowing strongly
  • g. (of an alcoholic drink) strong
  • h. not friendly
6 extend
6. extend
  • v.a. to continue for a particular distance or a period of time
  • b. to stretch out the body or a limb at full length
  • c. to offer
  • Examples:
  • My boss agreed to extend my stay in
  • HongKong for a few days.
  • The bird extended its wings in flight.
  • The queen extended a warm welcome to the
  • distinguished guest from afar.
7 hesitate
7. hesitate
  • v. to be slow in deciding
  • hesitate at/about/over sth.
  • hesitate to do sth.
  • Examples:
  • She is a girl who hesitates at nothing.
  • You can hesitate before replying.
  • Don’t hesitate to tell me if you have any problem.
8 slip
  • v.a. to give sb. sth. quietly and secretly
  • b. to slide accidentally
  • c. to go somewhere quietly and quickly, in
  • order not to be noticed
  • Examples:
  • The thief slipped the watch into his pocket.
  • The little girl slipped (on the ice), but she laughed.
  • A man slipped out by the back door.
9 figure
9. figure
  • Examples:
  • He has an annual income of six figures.
  • The blackboard is covered with geometrical figures like squares and triangles.
  • I saw a figure approaching in the darkness.
  • Alexander the Great is a great historical figure.
10 check on
10. Check on
  • check (up) on sb.: to investigate one’s behavior, background
  • check (up) on sth.: to examine sth. to discover whether it is true/safe/correct
  • Examples:
  • The police are checking on the man.
  • The police are checking on the fingerprints on file.
11 raise the devil with
11. Raise the devil with
  • to behave in an angry and threatening
  • way
  • Examples:
  • She raised hell when she found she had been cheated.
  • He raised the devil with me when I received a call from my ex-boyfriend.
12 take chances
12. Take chances
  • to behave riskily
  • Example:
  • Don’t take your chances when driving a car.
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