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Lesson 11
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Lesson 11

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  1. Lesson 11 The Future of the English

  2. Pre-Text Questions What is the writing mainly about? What kind of writing is this one? part an exposition and part an argument What are the differences between exposition and argument? How many subcategories can argument fall into? formal and informal What is the controversial topic of this writing? The English are different. John Boynton Priestley

  3. Detailed Study of the Text To describe the English people in political terms that are generally used all over the world such as being politically left, centre or right, will result in a waste of time and effort. How can we understand and translate this Englishness ? instinctive feeling natural or inborn feeling rational thought thought arrived at after reasoning neo-or-potential Fascists have more than their share have comparatively more than other countries (esp. when considering the small size of the country and the population)

  4. the English people may hotly argue and abuse and quarrel with each other but there still exists a lot of natural sympathetic feeling for each other Not everybody may have or be able to display this instinctive fellow-feeling. shop steward a union member elected to represent coworkers in dealings with management what the wealthy employers would really like to do is to whip all the workers whom they consider to be lazy and troublesome people there are not many snarling shop stewards in the workshop, nor are there many cruel wealthy employers on the board of managers

  5. cancer something destructive and malignant in their character inheritance qualities that go together with Englishness and which have been handed down generation after generation The contemporary world demands that everything be done on a big scale and the English do not like or trust bigness. What’s the difference between rational and reasonable ? consistent with or based on reason being within the bounds of common sense often the product of cold logical thinking but not sensible

  6. admass section of the public that is thought to be easily influenced by advertising and the media Admass the art of advertising or way of persuading people to buy stuff which they may not need battle conflict between Admass and Englishness At least on the surface, when Englishness is put against the power and success of Admass, Englishness seems to put up a rather poor weak performance. Englishness a faint pencil sketch Admass a poster in full colour

  7. build into construct/include as an integral part of The new policy intends to build stability into the economy. while Englishness is not hostile to change,…sake Englishness is not against change, but it believes that changing just for changing and for no other useful purpose could be very wrong and harmful To put cars … before houses…imbecility. To regard cars and motorways as more important than houses seems to Englishness a public stupidity. I must admit…Admass could be winning. I must further say that while Englishness can go on fighting, there is a great possibility of Admass winning.

  8. Train themselves out of it deliberately and intentionally throw away their Englishness moral capital a reservoir of strong moral and ethical principles It must have some moral capital…for an overdraft. Englishness draws its strength from a reservoir of strong moral and ethical principles, and soon it may be asking for strength which this reservoir of principles cannot supply. catch a deception; tricky condition Where’s this ‘Good life’ in sweating…caper? How can there be a “Good Life” when one has to work extremely raising the productivity of every man every hour?

  9. Did the author make his point clear at this point? How can we translate the word pretending here? certainly not where there is a genuine…on hand certainly not in places where workers still take real pride, though this may seem rather old -fashioned, in the work they are doing industrial action a general strike an ideology legitimizing direct industrial action by the workers bloody-mindedness the aggressive obstinacy What did the author determine as the innermost cause for all this chaos? it the awareness of this conflict

  10. powerful trade unions huge organizations syndicalism a theory and movement of trade unionism in which all means of production and distribution would be brought under the control of federations of labor unions by the use of direct action, such as general strikes they were in the van they were the leaders of the movement they are like a hippopotamus blundering in and out of a pets’ tea party

  11. any of the charges in an indictment, each of which gives a reason and is sufficient for prosecution; any of a group of offences of which a person is accused count two counts of forgery and one of fraud These people probably believe, as I do, that the “Good Life” promised by Admass is false and dishonest in all respects. Tory runaway or fugitive conservative politicians member of a former British political party, traditionally in opposition to the Whig Party. sb. who administers or directs a commercial director

  12. They can be found too—though there are not many of them now because these kind of people are dying out—among the curt, bad-tempered, extremely conservative politicians who refuse to accept high posts in big commercial enterprises. to cause to come about successfully; manage with the desired results swing act in accordance with current customs or modes conform Hippy California Madison Avenue the road to Katmandu

  13. a group of cattle or other domestic animals of a single kind kept together for a specific purpose herd they have not been trained by hard and cruel circumstances to practice self-control and behave in an orderly way he will not even find much satisfaction in his untidy and disordered life where he manages to live as a parasite by sponging on people. This kind of life does not help a person to build up any self-respect. fall between two stools fail to be either of two satisfactory alternatives vandalism willful or malicious destruction of public or private property

  14. showing inability to look ahead into the future myopic What is your understanding of the word fair in the brackets? But those roots must be needing nourishment. But they need new moral sustenance to keep them flourishing. What features does east wind have? dry, cold, harsh Englishness cannot flourish on narrow logical reasoning, the latest financial figures of profit and loss, nor a constant appeal to self-interest. In what sense does Priestley put politician and statesman in sharp contrast?