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Lesson 11

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Lesson 11

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  1. Lesson 11 Gideon

  2. The Cycle Begins Again • Israel again does evil • God delivers them to the Midianites • Who were the Midianites? • Who were their allies? • The Midianites would come into the land and take all the Israelites harvest • They would take everything! • The Israelites were hiding in dens and caves • The Midianites were “numerous as locusts”

  3. Israel Cries Out • Israel cried out to the Lord • The Lord sent a prophet • The prophet reminded them of why they were in this situation

  4. Ophrah?

  5. Gideon Is Called • The Angel of the Lord came to Gideon in Ophrah • Gideon was in the winepress threshing wheat because he was afraid of the Midianites • You “mighty man of valor”! • “Where are the miracles we have heard about?” • “Go in this might of yours”

  6. Gideon Is Called • How can I save Israel? • “I will be with you.” • “Show me a sign” • Wait for me here and I will bring back for you an offering • When Gideon brings back the meat and the unleavened bread, what happened?

  7. Gideon Is Called • Gideon knew then that he had been in the presence of the Lord • Gideon was afraid and feared that he would die • The Lord assured him that he would not die • Gideon built an altar • Gideon called this altar “The LORD is peace”

  8. The Altar of Baal • The Lord instructed Gideon to tear down the altar to Baal and the Asherah pole • Replace them with an altar to Jehovah • Offer a burnt offering from your father’s bull on this altar using the wood from the Asherah pole • Gideon did this, but he did it at night

  9. The Altar of Baal • The men of the city rose early to see what had been done • The sacrifice was still burning • The wondered who had done this, but figured it was Gideon • The wanted Gideon to be put to death! • Joash, Gideon’s father, said, “Let Baal kill him if he is a god and doesn’t like what has been done.” • Gideon is called Jerubbaal

  10. Gideon Seeks a Sign • Gideon asks for another sign if he will save Israel • Gideon places a fleece outside and there was dew on the fleece only • Again, Gideon humbly asks for another sign • Gideon places the fleece outside and there was dew on the ground, but not the fleece

  11. Gideon’s Army • Gideon and the people with him camp just to the south of the camp of the Midianites • The Midianites were camped in the valley of Jezreel

  12. Gideon’s Army • The Lord said that the 32,000 that Gideon had were too many to deliver the Midianites to him • How many Midianites were there? • Gideon said “Whoever is afraid, depart.” • 22,000 left • The Lord said, “That is still too many”

  13. Gideon’s Army • Bring them to the water and ask them to drink • Whoever laps like a dog with his tongue, separate • Whoever gets down on his knees, separate • 300 men lapped, bringing his hand to his mouth • The Lord said, by that 300 men, I will deliver Israel

  14. Gideon’s Army • The Lord told Gideon that He had delivered Midian into his hands this night • If Gideon were afraid, he could take Purah and go and listen to the Midianites. • Gideon and Purah went there and heard the dream of the barley loaf • This is the sword of Gideon!

  15. Gideon’s Army • Gideon took the 300 and divided them into three companies • Each man had a trumpet, a pitcher, and a torch • Gideon told the companies to watch him and to do what he did • They came to the camp at about 10:00 PM (the middle watch) and blew the trumpets and broke the pitchers and shouted!

  16. Gideon’s Army • The Lord turned the Midianites against each other and they killed one another • They fled • Then, men from other tribes joined in pursuit of the Midianites • Gideon requested help from Ephraim to prevent them from getting water and crossing the Jordan

  17. Gideon’s Army • Ephraim captured and killed Oreb and Zeeb, princes of Midian • The men of Ephraim were angry that they were not involved earlier • Gideon says “The gleaning of Ephraim is greater than the harvest of Abiezer.” • God delivered Oreb and Zeeb to Ephraim

  18. Abel – Mehola