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Plot Summary.

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Plot summary
Plot Summary

The story is about an old man who is playing chess. He doesn’t have anyone to play with, so he plays by himself. He gets very into it, and gets upset when one of himself starts beating the other. He finds a way to cheat, and ends up winning. At the end, he realized that he was playing by himself, but was still happy anyways.


He is a old man. He is most likely lonely since he is playing chess by himself, and he dressed nicely.

Initiating event
Initiating Event

The initiating event is when he sits down to play chess and notices that he has no one to play with.

Rising action
Rising Action

The rising action is when he is

playing chess with himself.

And all of the different moves

that he would make, which would

make the “other” him frustrated.


The climax is when he was

about to lose against him self,

so he pretended to be hurt.

Falling action
Falling Action

The falling action is after he

fakes being sick, he flips the

board around so he has the winning

side of the board. Afterwards he keeps

on playing and then beats the other version of himself.


In the end, the original man who

started playing chess won the game,

and was very happy. He then sees that

he was playing by himself, but it

still very happy with himself.

Antagonist protagonist
Antagonist & Protagonist

The protagonist is the man who

originally came to play chess.

The antagonist is the man that

original man started imagining.