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Utopia & dystopia paintings

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Utopia & dystopia paintings - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Utopia & dystopia paintings . By: Keishawn S pady . Utopia picture by: Gordon Johnson . introduction.

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utopia dystopia paintings

Utopia & dystopia paintings

By: Keishawn Spady

  • The titanic painting represent a utopia because everyone loved the boat and every thing was perfect. Every one said that it was the unsinkable ship because it was so big. But little did they know that there utopia was soon to become a dystopia.
discussion questions for utopia
Discussion questions for utopia.
  • The titanic represents the idea of an utopia because in the beginning everyone loved the ship because it was beautiful inside and out, And every thought the ship was unsinkable.
  • The time period makes the ship more like a utopia, because the ship was built in a very old time period but it had such good technology that it was unbelievable.
  • The tone of the work is very chill. Because the work just shows the ship at night riding along with no problems, everyone is inside having fun. The colors show how beautiful the ship is in day and at night.
  • The author probably made this piece to show how beautiful and big the ship was. Since no one really knew how the ship looked he wanted to show a good replica of the ship.
  • The author might have wanted to use this setting because he wanted to show the good side of the ship and not the bad part of when the ship crashed and sank.
discussion questions for dystopia
Discussion questions for dystopia
  • This painting represents the topic of a dystopia because it show the ship sinking and a lot of people could not get away and they died with the ship. The utopian ship was killed and turned into a dystopia fast.
  • The time period makes the painting seem more realistic because way back in these times the ships would not have been so good because the technology was not as advanced as todays technology.
  • The tone is more sad and droopy. Because the ship is sinking and every one is scared because they know that there going to die it pretty bad when people die and death would be an example of an dystopia for me.
  • The author probably made this piece to show what happened to the ship after it had hit an ice burg. Also to show that everyone could not get away in time and it wasn’t a good for most of the people.
  • The author used this setting to show the sinking of the ship. For people that did not know what happened to the ship and wanted to know how bad it was.