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Unit 2 Rocks & Minerals PowerPoint Presentation
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Unit 2 Rocks & Minerals

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Unit 2 Rocks & Minerals - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Unit 2 Rocks & Minerals. 1. Igneous Rocks. There are many kinds of rock in Earth’s crust. These rocks are made up of different minerals. Rocks can be grouped by the way they form throughout the rock cycle. Igneous rocks form from melted, liquid rock. Vocabulary Igneous rocks

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Unit 2

Rocks & Minerals


There are many kinds of rock in Earth’s crust

These rocks are made up of different minerals


Igneousrocks form from melted, liquid rock


Igneous rocks

Rock formed when hard liquid rock cools and hardens


One of the most common kinds of igneous rocks is granite

Granite is made by magma cooling inside Earth


Granite is light colored with large crystals

It is made up mostly of the minerals quartz and feldspar


Granite is strong and does not break easily, even under pressure

It is often used in buildings and bridges


Basalt is made when lava pours onto the ground or onto the ocean floor

Because the lava cools quickly, the crystals in basalt are small


Sometimes, lava cools so quickly that crystals never have a chance to form

Pumice and obsidian are igneous rocks that do not have crystals