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A Day in the Life of a

A Day in the Life of a

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A Day in the Life of a

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  1. A Day in the Life of a “Middleburg MOM” Version 1.0_11/22/02

  2. Meet Mary • Typical Middleburg Mom • 36 Years Old • Advertising Executive • Works Outside the Home • Owns Home • HH Income $75,000 + • Married - 3 Children • Husband David • Alex 11 • Madison 5 • Emerson 9 months

  3. Mary’s Day Starts • Alarm rings at 5:00 am • Mary makes sure Dave gets up and gets ready for work • Mary turns on the early news • Mary gets in the shower by 5:20 • Mary kisses Dave goodbye for work at 6:00 • Mary finishes dressing by 6:30

  4. The Confusion Begins • Mary wakes up Alex at 6:30 • Alex completes his shower by 6:45 • Mary has Alex’s breakfast ready for him by 6:45 • Mary wakes up Madison at 6:50 - gets her dressed and ready for school • Mary feeds Madison breakfast at 7:10

  5. And it Continues • Mary pushes Alex to gather his homework, lunch money and keys so he is ready to leave for the bus by 7:11 • Mary wakes up the baby when Alex leaves – 7:15 • Mary dresses the baby and packs his things and Madison's for Daycare • Mary, Madison and Emerson leave the house at 7:35

  6. Dropping off the Kids • Mary drops Madison off at Daycare at the school by 7:45 • Mary then travels 5 more miles to drop Emerson off at his Daycare - approximately 7:55 • Finally alone, with time to herself, Mary heads to the freeway for the 20 mile commute to the office which is downtown, Cleveland

  7. Life at Work • Mary parks the car and arrives at work around 8:30 • Her day starts quiet but by 10:30 she gets a call from Daycare - Emerson has a cold • Mary calls her mother to pick-up Emerson and watch him for the day • Mary takes lunch at 12:00 to take care of some personal errands

  8. Home Life at Work • During lunch, Mary pays bills, goes to the post office, the bank and to the drug store to get aspirin for Emerson • When she returns to her office she calls the eye doctor to see if Alexs’ glasses are ready, she makes an appointment for Dave and calls to check on Emerson • Mary is back to work by 1:00

  9. The End of the Work Day • Mary calls Dave to let him know that Emerson is sick – 1:30 • At 2:15 Mary gets a call from Alex’s school stating that he is behind in homework • Mary feels bad that Emerson is home sick so she leaves work early, around 3:45 • She picks up Madison - around 4:20 and drives home

  10. Getting Home • When Mary gets home Alex is already home – 4:30 • Mary instructs Madison and Alex to do their homework and she puts the baby to bed for a nap • Alex and Madison work on homework until about 5:00 • Emerson wakes up around the same time and wants Mary to hold him • Dave gets home about 5:30

  11. The Early Evening • Mary leaves with Alex to go pick-up his new glasses - 5:35 • Mary gets home close to 6:00 • Mary starts dinner – 6:05 • Alex and Madison set the table for dinner – 6:15 • Mary serves dinner at 6:40 • Dinner is rushed because the kids have PSR (Religion class) at 7:15

  12. Non-Stop Action • Mary gets the oldest two to PSR by 7:15, on the way home she stops at the grocery store to pick up some needed items • Mary gets home by 8:00 and she and Dave unload the groceries, Emerson is still sleeping • Mary sends Dave to pick up the kids from PSR at 8:15

  13. Bedtime for Some • When the kids get home, Alex finishes his homework, Mary and Madison do the dishes • Dishes and homework are done by 8:30 - just in time for Madison to get ready for bed • Dave and Alex watch Monday Night Football – or some other sports event • Mary helps Madison with her bath, she is ready for bed by 8:45

  14. More Work for Mary • Mary reads to Madison from 8:45 - 9:00 pm • Emerson starts to cry, Mary gives him more medicine, a cool bath to lower his fever and puts him back to bed by 9:20 • Mary goes downstairs and finishes cleaning the kitchen and starts packing Madison and Emerson's lunches for the next day

  15. Time to Relax? • Mary finally sits down to relax by 9:45 and realizes it is now time for Alex to get ready for bed • Alex is in bed by 10:00 • Mary again sits down to relax with her husband • She reads and sorts the mail, it is now 10:15 pm HERE IS WHERE THE PROBLEM STARTS

  16. Not Just Yet…. Mary Remembers: she forgot to sign Alex up for Baseball and Madison up for Swimming Mary looks for the Class Catalog to find out when the programs’ start, when registration is and how much the programs will cost…she cannot find the catalog!

  17. Defining the Problem • It is after 10:00, the Community Center is closed so Mary cannot call to get the information she needs • She also knows that the only way to sign-up for classes is to go to the Community Center and pay in person • Mary’s schedule for the rest of the week will not allow her time to do that

  18. Too Many Things to DO • Tuesday Night is PTA 6:45 - 8:30 • Wednesday Night Dave Bowls from 7:00 - 9:00 and Alex has Basketball from 7:00 - 8:00 • Thursday night Mary has a work engagement • Mary has to find time to buy Alex new shoes • Madison needs to get a birthday gift for a party she is going to this weekend

  19. Putting it Off - Don’t Forget This means Mary has to wait until the weekend to find time to go sign the kids up for classes…. Mary will have to remember to call the Community Center tomorrow from work to make sure that signing up over the weekend will not be too late

  20. Why Mary Hates Registering • Must sign-up in person, at the Community Center, during business hours • Usually a line – waiting time • Lengthy process, 15 - 20 minutes, due to: • inexperienced staff • don’t know the classes • don’t know how to sign people up for classes • don’t’ know what to do with payments • generally have to call a manager for help

  21. How Will the Internet Help! At 10:15 when Mary remembers that she needs to register the kids for classes she can do so very easily and it should only take about 5 - 10 minutes

  22. A New Registration Process Here are the steps Mary will take that will make her life easier - one less thing to worry about: 1. Go to the URL: 2. Go to the “Recreation Department” section 3. Click on Check Class Schedule 4. Search for Boys Summer Baseball 11 years old

  23. A New Registration Process 5. Select the proper league 6. Login to secured area 7. Add class to “Shopping Cart” 8. Return to Search 8. Search for “Swimming” 9. Click on Check Class Schedule 10. Select the proper class 11. Add class to “Shopping Cart” 12. Checkout – makes payment 13. Validates Information 14. Sign-out

  24. That’s Much Easier for Mary Mary will revive an email that confirms registration for the classes, it will also outline times, dates and provide her with a payment receipt Mary was able to do all of this in the comfort of her own home, at her convenience – when she remembered…. Busy kids are happy Kids. Happy kids, happy Mary!

  25. New Found Freedom Mary’s days, nights and weekends are very busy. This new registration process will save her time and it will make it easier for her - it will make her overall experience with the Community Center much more positive We have given Mary the gift of 20 minutes in her busy schedule!